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Welcome to The College at Brockport!

2012 Halstead

John R. Halstead, PhD
President, The College at Brockport

Whether you are a future student, a current member of our academic community, or a curious visitor, we hope that you find value in our website. It is a window to a very special community of learning that is made up of dedicated faculty, committed staff, and the most energetic and engaged students that you're likely to find anywhere. The pride on this campus is palpable as is our enthusiasm. And it all centers around one thing — student success.

At the heart of The College at Brockport is a multi-dimensional education that prepares students for success — personally and professionally. With an array of academic programs and co-curricular activities, we invite students to explore their intellectual, creative and athletic potential, and to pursue their full talents. Plus the community service initiatives spearheaded by our students are too numerous to mention. It is this commitment to living an engaged civic life that sets our campus, and students, apart.

Yet our core mission is, of course, education. That is why we believe it is so crucial to champion the scholar in every student. Our faculty — leading experts in their own fields — serve as advisors who work closely with students throughout their collegiate careers. Trusted mentors and guides, faculty help students identify their goals and work with them to see that those goals are achieved. By offering highly relevant liberal arts along with professional preparation, our graduates are fully equipped to embark on successful careers, continue their education, or both.

But there is more to a Brockport education than what happens on our campus. We open the world to our students through career-defining internships, life-changing study abroad programs and research opportunities that push students to think critically, analytically and creatively.

There is so much more I could say about our vibrant students, our vigorous academic community, and our talented staff but instead I will extend an invitation to visit our tree-lined campus so you can see for yourself how we, at The College at Brockport, define student success!

Warmest regards,

Signature: John R. Halstead

Last Updated 3/8/12