2018/ 2019 Investment Fund for the Future (IF2)

The President’s Cabinet has established an Investment Fund for the Future (IF2) to provide one-time seed funds to jump start projects of impact that advance the strategic goals of the College’s Strategic Plan, Building a Better Brockport 2017 – 2022. These include: 1) to be a great place to learn; 2) to be a College engaged with its community; 3) to be a sustainable institution; and 4) to be a great place to work. To help inform the development of proposals, please see the College’s strategic plan and operational plan.

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Funding is derived from Divisional year-end surpluses in non-Personal Service Regular (PSR) accounts1, and is made available through a competitive award process for projects to be initiated in the 2018/19 academic year.

A total of up to $380,925 is available in the current budget request cycle for funding in 2018 / 19.


Applications must be submitted through the Proposal MachForm. The application template is also attached for reference. Submitted applications are then forwarded to the unit head for prioritization/approval (Deans and/or Cabinet members).

  • Cabinet members may submit for consideration up to five prioritized proposals.
  • Schools (with Dean approval) may submit up to the following number of proposals:
      • School of Business, 3
      • School of Education, Health & Human Services, 4
      • School of Arts & Sciences, 7
  • Schools may submit up to two additional compelling and high priority proposals with Provost approval
  • Compelling and high priority cross divisional / school proposals require sign-off by the responsible administrative officers (Deans / Cabinet members) and do not count against a Dean’s or Cabinet member's quotas outlined above.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the Campus-wide Joint Planning and Budget Committee (JPBC).
  • President’s Cabinet, informed by JPBC’s review, will make final funding decisions based on their professional judgement.


  • The IF2 has been established to fund small scale projects that will have rapid and significant impact and/or possess scale-up and self-funding potential.
  • Any unit, academic or administrative, can apply for IF2 funds. Cross-unit proposals are encouraged.
  • Proposals addressing issues of campus climate are encouraged, as are cross-divisional proposals.
  • Proposals must meet clearly documented needs, have identifiable outcomes and include implementation and assessment plans.
      • Consideration will be given to initiatives having a cost sharing component.
      • Proposals should specify why they cannot be self-funded at a division or school level.
  • IF2 funds may not be used to fund faculty lines of any sort.
  • In general, funds may not be used for faculty and staff stipends. Exceptions to this rule require separate justification and Dean’s Council (for faculty stipends) or Cabinet member (for staff stipends) approval.
      • Authorization by Deans and/or Cabinet members must be indicated at the time of Dean / Cabinet member prioritization/approval/signature.
      • Deans / Cabinet members must indicate if a requested stipend is a legitimate expense (e.g., the work involved falls outside the applicant’s normal job duties) and if the requested stipend amount is reasonable given the work involved. Deans / Cabinet members may suggest an alternate amount. However, Dean / Cabinet member authorization of a stipend request does not guarantee funding.
      • Applicants wishing to include a faculty or staff stipend request in their budget are encouraged to consult with Deans / Cabinet members about the appropriateness of such a request before submitting their application.
      • More information on requesting a faculty stipend can be found in the Dean’s Council Policy on Stipend Requests.
  • All funding requests must include a detailed budget using the Budget Template (in Excel format). Applicants must upload the completed Budget Template with their MachForm application or their application will be considered incomplete.
  • Proposals may include a request for an Internal Loan. Please refer to the Internal Loan Fund for more information.
  • Before submitting an application, applicants should consult with appropriate supervisors regarding the appropriateness of their proposed project and to verify costs.
      • For proposals involving computer technology (e.g., computer software, networking, etc.), applicants must consult with The Chief Technology Officer (Bob Cushman or his designee) and submit with their application evidence of such consultation (e.g., e-mail or letter verifying costs).
      • For proposals involving facilities, applicants must consult with the Director of Facilities & Planning (John Osowski or his designee) and submit with their application evidence of such consultation (e.g., e-mail or letter verifying costs).
  • Because IF2 monies are state dollars, all purchases using IF2 funds must follow state procurement rules and must constitute valid state purchases.
  • Proposals will be evaluated on their alignment with the College’s four strategic goals, the completeness and quality of the written proposal, and the extent to which the request is supported by assessment data.
  • Funded proposals will be required to provide mid-year and year-end progress reports.

1. Divisions will retain carry-forward balances of 5% their non PSR budgets (Other than Personal Service [OTPS] / Supplies and Expense [S&E], Temporary Personnel Costs [Temp Services], and Overtime / Holiday). Amounts greater than 5% will be pooled to provide one-time funding for the College’s Investment Fund for the Future.

Last Updated 11/29/17

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