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Executive Summary


Since the SUNY Brockport Facilities Master Plan 2013-2023 (FMP) was completed, program enrollments have shifted, departmental space needs have changed, and strategic directions have been fine tuned. In response to these changes, The College at Brockport engaged JMZ Architects and Planners to assess various aspects of the College’s space resources. This study includes an analysis of instructional and office space utilization; a review of academic program enrollment trends and their effect on space requirements; and an assessment of current and future space needs.

Study recommendations are based on space projections through 2028 for all academic and non-academic departments. A list of capital projects has been generated to ensure the College has the necessary space resources to accommodate academic programs over the next several years. Buildings that should be renovated in the next ten years have also been identified, but several program studies targeted at specific buildings and programs will be necessary to shape future capital projects. The results of this study contribute to an understanding of where the College is now and will serve as a guide for the future alignment of space resources with strategic planning priorities.


JMZ toured campus buildings to gain an overall understanding of building conditions and space use. A comprehensive instructional space utilization assessment was then conducted of the main campus. Meetings were held with representatives of the Registrar’s Office to discuss classroom utilization, trends in section sizes, and scheduling challenges. Campus leaders and representatives of Brockport’s three schools were engaged to discuss the results of the utilization study, as well as:

  • Academic programs and new initiatives,
  • Enrollment trends,
  • Current and future space needs,
  • Pedagogical changes affecting the size and configuration of instructional space, and
  • Other facility-related issues.

The campus formed a Steering Committee to guide decisions related to space recommendations, collaborate on ideas for underutilized space, and prioritize the final list of proposed capital projects.

Instructional Space Utilization

Instructional space utilization was analyzed using the fall 2016 course schedule for the Brockport Campus. The study showed that, in aggregate, there is sufficient instructional space to meet the College’s current and future needs. There is hourly capacity in classrooms and class labs to accommodate additional course meetings. Some fine-tuning of room sizes and departmental assignments is required:

  • Additional large classrooms (51 to 80 seats) are needed. Lecture halls in Edwards Hall have seating capacity and hourly capacity to meet some of this need.
  • Additional lab space is needed in specific disciplines (e.g. Biology and Anatomy & Physiology), while surpluses exist in others.

Enrollment Projections

SUNY Brockport reported an enrollment target of 7,746 FTE by fall 2028, which is an additional 300 FTE over fall 2017 enrollment. This could be accomplished with enrollment growth of 0.4 percent per year, on average.

  • The School of Business and Management is expected to experience faster growth than the College as a whole due to new programs, strong existing programs, and program adjustments.
  • The growth rate of undergraduate programs in the School of Education, Health, & Human Services is expected to exceed the College’s rate of overall growth. Masters programs in Public Health and Addiction Counseling could stabilize graduate enrollment within the School.
  • The School of Arts & Sciences is likely to grow more slowly than the College as a whole, yet programs in the sciences; refreshed programs in Communications, Journalism, and Gender Studies; and new programs that are in the planning phase are expected to attract new students.

Space Projections

Projected space needs reflect the College’s enrollment target for 2028. College-wide, 20,983 NASF of additional space will be required in the next decade.

  • Instructional space needs include an additional 8,402 NASF of lecture space and 22,449 NASF of class lab space. Most of this space need could be satisfied by reconfiguring/renovating existing underutilized space. The art department, however, requires additional studio space, which may not be available within Tower Fine Arts Center.
  • An additional 2,846 NASF is required for meeting rooms, a Veterans’ Center, and a meditation room.
  • A storage building is required for to house large field equipment and boats.
  • The physical space inventory included 10,645 NASF of unassigned space, which could offset some space needs depending on location.


Improve Scheduling Practices to Meet Utilization Targets

Brockport’s programmatic space needs could be met within its existing space if the use of existing of classrooms and class labs was optimized.

Create Additional Large Classrooms

Underutilized classrooms should be strategically combined and renovated to create larger classrooms for project-based, collaborative instruction. Six classrooms with up to 80 seats will be needed by 2028. Many classrooms with 21 to 50 seats could be converted to other uses if target utilization is achieved.

Renovate Lecture Halls

None of the lecture halls met seat utilization targets, yet many approached target hourly use. The lecture halls should be renovated with flexible furnishings, updated instructional technology, and power and data for students’ devices.

Meet Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Program Needs

Convert underutilized Chemistry and Physics labs to meet Biology and A&P space shortages. This approach would make use of the existing lab facilities in Smith Hall.

Right-size Offices and Reclaim Surplus Office Space for Other Uses

In areas where comprehensive renovations take place, right-size offices and reclaim surplus office space for other uses.

In-depth Studies are Recommended for the Following Buildings

  • Drake Memorial Library
  • Tuttle North, Tuttle South, and SERC
  • Seymour Union
  • Holmes Hall
  • Tower Fine Arts Center

JMZ's Planning Study Presentation 2/28/19: “Space and Where the College is Now”

Last Updated 1/7/20

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