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Students working in the Academic Success Center 

Assistive Technology is any product, device, or system that enhances a student’s ability to learn or provides a student with disabilities the ability to learn.

SUNY Brockport offers a wide variety of devices from notetaking pens to text to audio conversion software. The following resources are available to all Brockport students.

Note Taking Devices

The Livescribe Echo Smart Pen allows you to record lectures while you take your own notes. You can then go back and listen to sections you’ve missed or would like to get a better understanding of. In addition, several digital FM systems are available for students to record lectures and save them to their personal electronic devices.

Text to Speech Software

With Kurzweil 3000 you can convert your PDFs and other text documents to MP3 files that you can listen to in your car or at the gym. Kurzweil’s speech-to-text functions allows students to dictate papers, presentations, and notes. Brockport offers Kurzweil 3000 in all campus computer labs as well as in our online virtual lab. 

Please contact Andrew Newman if you would like a no-cost license while you are regestered for classes at Brockport.


Closed-Circuit TV Systems (CCTVs) allow students with low vision to magnify documents up to 24x. Adjustable cameras allow students to pivot between class material and the lecturer.

Braile & 3D Printing

Both braille and 3D printing are available at SUNY Brockport.  Print papers, projects and class materials in braile upon request.

We can also provide students with 3D printed maps and various tactile objects.

To make a request please e-mail Andrew Newman.

Mobile Apps

We can recommend a number of free or low-cost apps that can be used to manage your schedule, assist with note taking, help you study for a test, and more. Just ask!

Last Updated 7/23/21