Applications, Systems, & Networking

Applications, Systems & Networking is responsible for the campus network, Campus Information System (Banner), and other institutional servers.

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Network and System Administration


  • Install and maintain campus network electronics
  • Wiring closet management
  • DNS, DHCP & WINS administration
  • ISP connectivity administration
  • Network security and privacy - firewall, VPN
  • Network bandwidth management/reporting
  • Design and implement network additions & upgrades
  • Remote access
  • Support Internet/network services (http. ftp. proxy services, LDAP/AD, etc.)
  • Procedure/function/mapping documentation
  • Maintenance management
  • Administer and manage network services
  • Maintain Wi-Fi service


  • UNIX, Linux and Windows Server administration
  • File and storage management
  • Server support services (operating system install, system programming, configuration, operating system software maintenance)
  • Security administration
  • Backup/recovery services
  • System/network related product installation/configuration/maintenance
  • Procedure/function documentation
  • Implement and administer system services (ftp, telnet, mail, SSH, LDAP, etc.)
  • Manages and monitors Anti-spam appliance and systems load balancers
  • Assists with application (Banner, Angel, E-mail, etc.) product installation/configuration/maintanence
  • System performance monitoring and tuning
  • Provide script and shell support


The operations staff oversees the daily processing of information through the campus servers. In addition to monitoring on-line activity during the day, we create, schedule and execute jobs in the evening to update and report database activity. Currently, databases for the student information system, the alumni system, Human Resources and Institutional Research & Analysis are all found on the servers. The jobs we run range from regularly scheduled updates, reports and mailings for virtually every campus office, to on-demand and ad-hoc requests submitted by individual faculty and staff. We also provide scanning for exams and surveys administered throughout the campus. Specifically, our responsibilities include:

  • Job scheduling and resource management
  • Report generation
  • Backup processing (file, Database, etc.)
  • Banner batch processing
  • Procedure/function documentation
  • Workflow generation and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • User account administration
  • Data capture (scan exams and instructional assessment survey-IAS forms) -- call ext. 2490 for information
  • Print administration
  • Hardware maintenance management

Application Development


  • Database maintenance, design, and development
  • Administration, Security
  • Product interface/integration
  • Oracle, Access, SQL Server support
  • Archive and backup/recovery procedures
  • Tuning and performance montoring
  • Assists with application product installation/configuration/maintenance
  • Data administration along with procedure/function documentation


  • Banner product support/maintenance
  • Develop applications for and maintain Banner Documentation Management - imaging system
  • Application analysis, support, and development
  • Application integration support of 3rd party products
  • Report development
  • Web Campus Information System interface development

Reporting Services

Most routine requests for standard demographic and academic information on subsets of the student population may be satisfied by sending an Email with the particulars of your request to in the LITS Applications Systems and Networking (ASN) Operations Center.

If the Operations Center is not able to satisfy your request, it will be escalated to the programming group for analysis and assignment. While ASN reserves a percentage of its programming resources for new report creation, requests requiring a significant commitment of those resources will be subject to project prioritization and may be delayed in delivery.

Whenever possible, a solution will be delivered which will allow you to produce the report on your own in the future. An investment in learning about the Brockport data warehouse and Hyperion Performance Suite may save you time down the road and allow you to query administrative data on your own.

We also support systems such as:

* Reports listing official College statistics or those requested by an external agency or party can only be delivered by the Office of Institutional Research & Analysis.


Last Updated 10/14/22