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Reserving A Conference Number

Submit a reservation form which can be found on our website here.
As the chairperson, you will receive an email from Telecommunications with the following information:

  • A toll free access phone number
  • Your own 7 digit access code
  • Your chairperson passcode

If you do not receieve this information, please call x5151 and select option 2.

Setting Up The Conference

  • Inform your participants of the date and time the conference will be taking place.
  • Provide all of the participants with the toll free access phone number and the 7 digit access code.
  • Shortly before the scheduled time of your conference call, dial the toll free conferencing number, follow the prompts to enter your 7 digit access code and your chairperson pass code to begin the conference.

Additional Information

  • You can set the maximum number of participants that can join the conference at the time you order your conferencing number.
  • The maximum number of participants is 96 (including yourself).
  • If participants dial in before the chairperson, they will be put on hold until the chairperson joins the conference.
  • When the chairperson hangs up, the conference call ends. In order to allow the conference to continue after the chairperson leaves, he/she needs to press *8 at the start of the conference.
  • You will hear a tone everytime a participant either joins or leaves the conference.
  • Should you require assistance at any time during your call, simply press 00 for a live operator.


You are only charged for the service usage and the cost is calculated as follows:

  • (5 cents) x duration of the call x the number of participants

Different rates apply for international versus domestic participants. Contact the Office of Telecommunications to determine what the international rate will be.

Muting and Un-Muting Lines

Participants can mute and un-mute their own lines. They can either do it using the mute button on their telephone or by pressing *6 to mute the line and *7 to un-mute it. The chairperson can mute and un-mute all of the lines in a conference call by pressing # # to mute the lines and 9 9 to un-mute them. This affects all of the lines except the Chairperson's.


You can lock your call once all the participants have joined. Do this if you want to prevent any other participants from joining your call. To do this, press *4 to lock the conference call and *5 to unlock it.

Summary Of Commands

Chairperson Conference Controls

  • * 1 Dial out to participant (then follow prompts - see below)
  • * 1 Join new participant
  • * 2 Join new participant to the conference & dial a new participant
  • * 3 Disconnect line & rejoin conference
  • * 4 Disconnect line & dial another participant
  • * 2 Record conference (on/off) (if activated)
  • * 4 Lock conference
  • * 5 Unlock conference
  • * 6 Mute line
  • * 7 Un-mute line
  • * 8 Conference continuation
  • * 9 Roll call (if activated)
  • # Count participants
  • # # Mute all lines
  • 9 9 Un-mute all lines
  • 0 0 To ask for an operator
  • * * List available commands

Participant Conference Controls

  • * 6 Mute line
  • * 7 Un-mute line
  • * 9 Roll call (if activated)
  • * # Count participants
  • 0 0 To ask for an operator
  • * * List available commands

Please call (585) 395-5151, option 2 if you need assistance.


Last Updated 10/14/22