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General Questions

Where is the Office of Telecommunications?

The Office of Telecommunications is located in Edwards Hall Room A23 with the LITS Help Desk.

Can I get training on the new Cisco phones and voice mail?

If you require hands on training on Cisco phone use or voice mail, please call the LITS Help Desk x5151 and submit a training request.   There are adhoc as well as scheduled classes offered occasionally throughout the year.

Are there terms and conditions that I should be aware of?
  • No services (telephone or otherwise) are to be billed to campus telephone numbers. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, Collect, Third-party Billed, and 10-10-XXX calls.
  • Repairs may take up to 24 hours after notification (business hours only).
  • Complaints for bill discrepancies must be received within 30 days of the invoice date.
Are phones provided in Residence Hall rooms?

As of August 2017, Brockport Telecommunications no longer provides phone service to students. It is assumed that students now have their own personal cell phone service.  If a student does require a traditional telephone in their room, please contact Annese ResLife support (833-827-4774) and request an IP Phone.   There will be extra fees to install and operate an IP Phone that the student will be responsible for.

FYI, Brockport Cisco IP Phones are installed in all RD Offices.  Please contact your RD if you do not have a phone and need to make an emergency call.

Can Telecommunications block spam or annoyance telephone calls?

NO.  Telecommunications can not block spam calls or annoyance calls. Usually the calls will stop on their own over time.   However,  if they persist, please call University Police (x2226) and explain to them the problem.

Billing Questions

Are PBN's and DBN's still used at Brockport?

As of January 1, 2017 Brockport no longer supports Personal Billing Numbers (PBN).  Employees should use their personal cell phones for personal calls.   Occasional personal, local, calls that are of emergency in nature are allowed on the Brockport phone system.

Department Billing Numbers (DBN) are still used at Brockport and are required for all International and some Long Distance calls.  The costs for these calls are then billed back to your department.   If you do not know your DBN, please ask your department administrator.  If you still need help with a DBN please call the LITS Help Desk x5151. 

How is my department billed?

All departments of SUNY Brockport are billed monthly if their amount is greater than $1.  The call details are kept in a call accounting system and every month the "usage" for that month is exported into an invoicing system.  In addition to the monthly usage charges, additional charges for new phones, cables, conference calls, etc. will be itemized on the invoice for that month. Telecommunications sends out the monthly invoices to each department via email. These invoices are for your records only.  Departments do not have to do anything with the invoices, the amounts are submitted to Accounting and GL entries are made automatically to "pay" the bill.    

External vendors and service agencies that use the Brockport phone systems, however, do get a monthly invoice and are required to pay their bills via check. If you have a question on your telecommunications invoice, please call the LITS Help Desk x5151. 


Last Updated 10/14/22