Brockport Child Development Center

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Brockport Child Development Center at SUNY Brockport:

  • Provides the highest quality, developmentally appropriate care and education for children and their families.
  • Supports the family's ability to successfully nurture and educate their children, enabling the children to build self esteem, explore their world, and reach their fullest potential.
  • Serves the needs of the diverse communities of SUNY Brockport and the surrounding areas.


Brockport Child Development Center at SUNY Brockport will continue to be a nationally accredited, model child development facility providing the highest quality early childhood education with a high degree of family involvement and support, while meeting the changing needs of society.


Trust - Based on respect for others and open, honest, and supportive communications between the staff, administration, and families. Communication respects confidentiality.

Teamwork - Staff, administration, and families provide mutual support. Empower staff and families to seek positive solutions.

Professionalism - Relate to children in a nurturing manner, establish mutual respect between staff, administration, and families. Act as an advocate for the children. Committed to the highest quality education and care, and safety for the children of SUNY students and employees, and community members. Administration and staff committed to professional and personal development.

Diversity - Respect and value ethnic differences and individual uniqueness, and work for social equity.

Recognition and Celebration - Recognize child, staff, and administration achievements and celebrate them.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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