Communicating with External Audiences

The quality of the marketing materials (that includes even a letter) to external audiences is very important.

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It communicates the quality image of the College, whether through graphics, language, tone, or photography. With that in mind, please remember the following guidelines:

  • External audiences are defined as: prospective students (until they are registered), parents of both prospective and current students, alumni, the business community, elected officials and government agencies, vendors, and academic colleagues/organizations.
  • Use official College letterhead, not photocopies, for correspondence.
  • The official College font is Garamond for text or brochure copy.
  • If reproducing from computer directly to the letterhead or other stock, use a laser printer only, never an ink-jet printer.
  • Personalize your correspondence whenever possible (e.g., “Dear Ms. Jones:”)
  • Letters should be formatted in block style
  • All correspondence to prospective undergraduate and graduate students (until they are registered) should be personalized. (Please, do not address communication with "Dear Student.”)
  • Enclosures such as brochures and flyers must go through the normal channels for writing and/or editing and production with the staff in College Communications.
  • Enclosures must be printed from laser-printed originals; do not photocopy from a photocopy.

It costs four times as much to recruit a student as to retain one.

Please review the College approval policy for marketing materials.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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