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All three versions of the SUNY Brockport logo (vertical, horizontal, and square)

SUNY Brockport Logo

To accommodate the design and technical needs of various media, there are three official versions of the SUNY Brockport logo. You can download each version of the logo by clicking on the links below.

Horizontal layout (primary version)

Horizontal (email signature)

Vertical layout

Condensed “all-in-one”

If being reproduced in color, the logo should always be printed in green and gold. The logo should be reproduced at a size that maintains the integrity of the mark and yields clean and legible lettering. No alterations may be made.

Four versions of the logo with different color options including black and white

Logo Color Setup

All three logos can be rendered either full-color (with green or white text), one-color, or reversed white (when used on a dark background.) There is a white holding line around the shield in all logos.

Spacing requirements shown on the College logo

Logo Spacing Requirements

When using the logo, it should occupy its own space. For the horizontal and vertical alignment, this space is determined by the height of the “B” in the name and using that measurement to determine the perimeter (top, bottom, left, right) of the space around the logo. For the all-in-one logo this space is determined by the height of the banner containing “Brockport.” Other objects (type, graphic elements, photos, etc.) should not “invade” this space.

Six examples of how not to use the official college logo

Logo Usage

The College logo is intended to be used as designed. No alterations may be made to the logo including, but not limited to:

  • Changing any of the colors in the logo
  • Skewing, stretching, or condensing the logo
  • Rearranging the elements of the logo (the shield can never be used on its own)
  • Adding text or design elements to the logo (separate lockups for departments will be provided by the Office of Communications and should never be created on their own)
  • Placing the logo on a complex or dark image, reducing the legibility of the logo

Two examples of what a departmental lockup version of the college logo looks like

Departmental Lockups

Brand extension logos have been developed to provide units within the College marks specific to them but still stay graphically consistent with the College logo. Each of these marks features the shield plus the name of the school or major unit, using the same type style as the College logo.

Note: All of the usage guidelines from the previous pages apply to these marks as well.

To request a departmental lockup, please email Alex Rhea.

Official College seal

College Seal

The College seal may be used only for official or ceremonial documents, presidential communications, special academic correspondence, and gift items. Any other use should be reviewed and approved by College Communications. The seal should not otherwise be manipulated or altered, or used together with the logo. Using it as a background graphic or design element is also discouraged.

Last Updated 5/26/21