How to Submit College Senate Proposal

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Guidlines and Instructions

Deadline for submission: January 31

Submitted proposals must be complete including approval signatures when needed. Incomplete proposals will be returned. Proposals received after the deadline may be tabled until next academic year due to insufficient time to go through the Senate process before the end of the spring semester.

NOTE: Send General Education Proposals to the Vice Provost's office. Scroll down for General Education instructions and forms.

Preparation and submission of proposals to the College Senate

Once your proposal has been logged in at the Senate Office, it will be forwarded to the appropriate standing committee. A copy will be sent to the originator including the routing number and official title. Please use the routing number and title in any future communications you make regarding your document. This will avoid confusion with other similar submissions.

Instructions for Merging Documents

  1. Open, fill out and save the Proposal Cover Form
  2. Save using a file name other than Proposal Cover Form
  3. Move your cursor to the next blank page
  4. On the tool bar, select Insert
  5. On the drop down menu, select File
  6. On your file menu, select the document you wish to insert and click Open
  7. Save your proposal
  8. Continue with each document you wish to insert into your proposal

(If you are having difficulty merging some documents, as is the case with GED forms, contact Tracy at 395-2586.)

Inserting .pdf Files Into Your Proposal

  1. Open the .pdf file you wish to insert into your proposal
  2. Select the camera or photo on the toolbar
  3. Click and drag the cursor from the upper left hand corner of your .pdf file to the end of the document, thus taking a snapshot of it
  4. Open the proposal and paste the snapshot into your proposal
  5. Save your proposal

Making A .pdf File

Please do not send your document as a .pdf

  1. Create and save your document in Microsoft Word
  2. Select File on your toolbar
  3. Select Print on the drop-down menu
  4. Select CUTEPDF from the drop-down menu in the printer selection box
  5. Click OK
  6. Choose where you want to save your .pdf file, name it and click OK

Feel free to contact the Senate Office if you encounter difficulty in preparing your document. 395-2586,

Last Updated 2/12/18

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