Enrollment Planning and Policies Committee

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Craig Mattern

Committee Co-chair
Kinesiology, Sport Studies & Physical Education
Email: cmattern@brockport.edu
(585) 395-5343

Amanda Lipko-Speed

Committee Co-chair
Email: alipko@brockport.edu
(585) 395-5082

All proposals must be submitted to the College Senate Office. Do not send your proposal directly to this committee. Follow the instructions on the How to Submit a Proposal page.

Committee Description

Article VI: Standing Committees of the Senate

Section I: Committee on Enrollment Planning and Policies

  1. Membership: Shall include at least two (2) teaching faculty and one (1) professional staff. The chair of this Committee shall also serve on any College-wide enrollment strategies committee.
  2. Purpose: This Committee shall act for the senate in the continuing study and review of College policies and procedures in the areas of recruitment, admissions and retention. Specifically, the Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on such concerns as:
    1. Admission and readmission of all undergraduate students, with specific reference to previous academic records, SAT or ACT scores, advanced placement and transfer credit
    2. Retention of all undergraduate students, including grade-point averages and probation/dismissal policies.
    3. Recruitment and admission of all graduate students

This Committee shall report annually to the Senate regarding student admission profiles, admission selectivity, enrollment trends, retention rates by student cohorts, and graduation rates by student cohorts, e.g., native and transfer students.

Committee Members

Last Updated 2/12/18

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