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Deborah Birkins

Deborah Birkins

Committee Chair
Academic Advisement

Committee Description

Article VI: Standing Committees of the Senate

Section H: Committee on Student Policies

  1. Membership: Shall include at least two (2) teaching faculty and one (1) professional staff.
  2. Purpose: This committee shall act for the Senate in the continuing study and review of College policies and procedures relevant to students’ pursuit of academic programs. Specifically, this committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on such concerns as:

    1. General College requirements
    2. Course load
    3. Grading
    4. Academic honors
    5. Academic honesty
    6. Registering, dropping and withdrawing from classes
    7. Attendance

This Committee shall also be an advisory body for such concerns as housing, financial aid, and co-curricular activities.

Committee Members

Last Updated 2/12/18

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