Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies Committee

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Dr. Cathy Houston-Wilson

Committee Chair
Kinesiology, Sport Studies & PE

Committee Description

Article VI: Standing Committees of the Senate

Section J: Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

  1. Membership: At least one-half (1/2) the membership of this Committee shall be teaching faculty. This Committee shall be chaired by a teaching faculty member.
  2. Purpose: This Committee shall act for the Senate in the continuing study and review of all phases of the undergraduate curriculum and related academic policies, except for the General Education Program. Specifically, this Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on such concerns as:
    1. Approval and revision of undergraduate programs
    2. Removal of undergraduate programs
    3. Criteria for granting baccalaureate degrees

Guidelines For Revision of Undergraduate Programs

Guidelines For Preparing a Combined Degree Program Proposal

Undergraduate Handbook

Committee Members

All General Education proposals must be submitted to Debbie Lamphron, Office of the Vice Provost.
Do not send your proposal directly to this committee.
Follow the General Education instructions on the How to Submit a Proposal page.

Last Updated 2/12/18

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