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University Faculty Senate

University Faculty Senate is located in Albany, NY. For more information, you can view the SUNY's University Senate webpage or the University Faculty Senate website.

The SUNY Board of Trustees approved the creation of the University Faculty Senate on October 8, 1953. Article VII of the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees states "the Senate shall be the official agency through which the University Faculty engages in the governance of the University. The Senate shall be concerned with effective educational policies and other professional matters within the University."

The UFS membership consists of the Chancellor of the University, two University representatives having University-wide responsibilities and representatives from each State-operated unit and contract college. This is a total of 33 SUNY colleges. This makes the University Faculty Senate one of the largest faculty governance organizations in the country!

The University Faculty Senate serves as a resource on governance for the University. It serves as a deliberative body on educational policies for the SUNY System. In this capacity it issues publications such as handbooks, directories and reports on matters such as budget, program revision and presidential searches. (excerpt from the University Faculty Senate Website)

Term of Service University Senators, Past and Present
John Keiser
Business Administration
John Keiser
P. Gibson Ralph
P. Gibson- Ralph

Kenneth P. O'Brien

Kenneth O'Brien

Bruce Leslie

2012-2015 P. Gibson Ralph
P Gibson Ralph
2010-2013 Gabriel Prajitura
Gabriel Prajitura
2009-2015 Kenneth P. O'Brien
President of the
University Faculty Senate
Kenneth O'Brien
2009-2012 P. Gibson Ralph
P. Gibson- Ralph
2007-2010 Mark Noll
Earth Science
Mark Noll
2006-2009 Kenneth P. O'Brien
Honors Program
Kenneth O'Brien
2004-2007 Jennifer Lloyd
Jennifer Lloyd
2005-2006 Kenneth P. O'Brien
Transfer Articulation, History, Honors Program
Kenneth O'Brien
2003-2005 Dena Levy
Political Science & International Studies
Dena Levy
2001-2004 Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown
2000-2003 Gail Hagenah
2000 (Fall) Walter Borowiec
Political Science and International Studies
1999-2000 Rich Fenton
Business Administration and Economics
1998-2000 Morris Beers
Education and Human Development
1997-2000 Gail Hagenah
Vice President of the University Senate
1995-1997 David Jewell
Recreation and Leisure Studies
1995-1998 Billy Reed

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