Scavenger Hunt: COSAC Style Spreadsheet

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Criteria Points Deadline Additional Information Done
Name the 4 Divisions, including the VP & Administrative Assistant for each Division 2 points 12/15/17    
Location of Living Roof 1 point 11/13/2017


Answer: the deck between Allen & Drake

Pic on Living Roof 2 point 11/13/2017  COMPLETED  X
Visit the MetroCenter - pic in the Grand Hall/lobby 2 point 11/13/2017  COMPLETED  X
Visit REOC - pic in the lobby 2 point 11/13/2017  COMPLETED  X
Attend a special event 1 point 2/28/2018 Can only use once. (i.e., Roch. REOC Showcase, Coffee w/Colleagues at Metro, First Friday at the Alumni House, etc.)  
Pic at a sporting event 2 points per event 4/30/18 Can only be at a College at Brockport sporting event.  
Pic with Ellsworth at a sporting event 3 points 4/30/18 Can only use once. Can only be at a College at Brockport sporting event.  
Attend a COSAC Event 1 point per event 4/30/18 You can attend multiple events in this category.  
Pic with another COSAC member in their office. 4 points 4/30/18 Must be someone you do not know or have only met 1-2 times.  
Complete MS Certification 4 points per section or 25 points for all 5 sections 4/30/18    
Attend a fine arts event 1 point per event 4/30/18 Can only be a College at Brockport fine arts event.  
Volunteer for a service project 3 points 4/30/18 (i.e., Seasons of Gratitude, etc.)  
Serve on a Campus-wide committee 3 points 4/30/18 Cannot take the minutes.  
Take a course/class 5 points 4/30/18    
Attend a workshop 1 points 4/30/18    

Last Updated 12/4/17

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