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Testimonials from the 2017 Cohort

Garvaundo Hamilton, St. Louis University, Student Retention

What a Summer it Was!

The College at Brockport State University of New York is now my home away from home. I was selected as one of the 2017 EMSA Interns and all I can say is that it was the best professional experience I have had, to date. I had the pleasure of working in the Office of Student Retention and Orientation. My main task was to train 24 orientation student leaders and help organize and implement plans for summer orientation for the class of 2021. I arrived on the campus on the 30th of May and by the 1st of June, I knew I had made the right decision. I immediately fell in love with the campus and the college community. The staff and students are very friendly and the campus itself is a very beautiful one. I have grown so much in the last two months and I am certain that I will be able to put most, if not all, of what I have learned into practice. I WOULD DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN IF I COULD. LOVED IT! BEST INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE EVER!

Kayla Tanaid, University of Northern Colorado, Community Development

My internship experience at The College at Brockport was truly rewarding and unforgettable. Through my internship in the Office of Community Development, I had the opportunity to travel to conferences, meet and network with incredible people and learn more about myself. People on campus are genuine, authentic, and friendly and there is a strong sense of community. I definitely felt a sense of belonging when I stepped foot on campus. If you are looking for an opportunity for personal and professional growth or a reason to spend a summer in New York, The College at Brockport is the place for you. It is an experience that you will never forget!

Margaret Morrissey, Undergraduate Admissions

The Summer Graduate Internship Program at Brockport was a tremendous learning opportunity. I quickly became immersed in a new area of higher education and had formal training and support throughout the internship. I was able to attend multiple conferences, professional development opportunities ande learned from professionals across the college. Working in admissions gave me new skill sets and expanded my overall knowledge of higher education. My supervisor Garrett helped me with goal setting and provided me with a wide-range of hands-on experiences within admissions. The cohort model of this program made the summer fun and engaging! 

Comments from previous EMSA Interns

Ashley Rizzotto, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Prevention and Outreach Services

The professional staff here are kind, inviting and are truly a pleasure to work with. Having a cohort of interns along the journey enhanced this worthwhile experience.

Sherrika Mitchell, Florida Atlantic University, Residential Life

This internship gave me the opportunity to meet new people! Explore myself as a professional and widen my perspective on Student Affairs and Higher Education.

Matt Lumpp, Ohio University, Student Retention

After this internship, I feel very energized for the final year of my graduate program as well as prepared for a life as a full-time student affairs practitioner.

Carley Steig, University of St. Thomas, Community Development

I recommend this experience for anyone who is looking to make new connections, reflect on their place within student affaris, and enjoy a summer on the ears coast.

Huong Nguyen, University of Connecticut, Educational Opportunity Program

I thoroughly recommend this internship to any and all that are interested! Trust me when I say this is so much more than just another internship.

Mark Olk, Ball State University, Community Development

I am so glad I took the leap from Indiana to New York for the summer. I was able to build relationships, learn new skills, gain new perspectives, and feel like a valued member of the Brockport EMSA Family.

Ting-Han Chang, Vanderbilt University, Residential Life/Learning Communities

The College offered a series of weekly professional development trainings for the graduate interns, which provided us a great chance to both learn and share with each other. Being with a cohort who were passionate about becoming higher education professionals also provided an enriching experience to me.

Lauren Langford, Penn State University, Undergraduate Admissions

From the interview process to my final day, everyone at Brockport was so supportive and open to helping me develop my skills and interests. Not a day went by that I was not challenged, supported, and reminded why I chose this field. 

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