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Committee Description

The Personal Safety Committee is a multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, administrators and students that work collaboratively to foster a safe and healthy campus environment. The primary focus and role of this committee is to review the College’s policies and procedures in relation to personal safety and provide recommendations on an annual basis in the form of a written report to the College’s administration.

The Personal Safety Committee fulfills the legal requirements of the New York State Article 129A of Educational Law 6431, in addition to the Title IX State University of New York (SUNY) and Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Resolution Agreement.

The Personal Safety Committee works in conjunction with the College at Brockport departments or teams that have a role in the overall health, safety, and security for the campus including: University Police department; Hazen Center for Integrated Care (Health Center, Counseling Center, Prevention and Outreach Services and Center for Select Respect); Student Behavioral Consultant Team, Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities and the Student Conduct System.

Mission Statement

The personal safety of all students, faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors is of primary importance to the College. The mission of the Personal Safety Committee is to promote a safe and healthy work and learning environment by providing an opportunity for the campus community to provide input and recommendations for enhancement of personal safety.

In carrying out its primary mission, the committee is committed to the following guiding principles:

  • Personal safety on a college campus is everyone’s responsibility;
  • Students, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to participate in identifying potential risks or problem areas relative to personal safety; and
  • The committee serves exclusively in an advisory role capacity to the College.

Committee Goals & Objectives

Goal One: On an annual basis provide a review of the College’s programs, policies and procedures in regards to personal safety and provide recommendations to the College’s administration in order to comply with legal requirements of Article 129-A of NYS Education Law §6431 and the SUNY & OCR Title IX Resolution Agreement. Objectives:

  1. Review current campus safety policies, procedures and programs and make recommendations for their improvement in regards to:
    1. [Employee Trainings] Educating the campus community, including University Police personnel and those persons who advise or supervise students, about sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking offenses;
    2. [Prevention/Outreach] Identifying and recommending strategies for the prevention of sexual harassment/ sexual assault including outreach and educational activities, such as Title IX information into new student orientation, workshops that connect alcohol abuse and sexual assault.
    3. [Crime Prevention] Educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention;
    4. [Reporting Incidents and Victim services] Reporting sexual assaults, domestic violence and stalking incidents and assisting victims during investigations; 
    5. [Referral Infrastructure] Referring complaints to appropriate authorities;
    6. [Victim Services-Counseling] Counseling victims; and
    7. Responding to inquiries from concerned persons.
    8. Provide in writing the committee’s findings and recommended strategies for campus implementation to the Title IX Coordinator and the College President at least once each academic year (in the month of June). The Personal Safety Committee’s annual report shall be available upon request. 

Committee Membership

Personal Safety Committee was restructured combining efforts of the Student Health Center committee and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Task Force. On October 23, 2013, Karen Logsdon, PhD, Assistant to the EMSA VP, and Title IX Deputy Coordinator was appointed as the new Chair of the committee and charged with the compliance mandate [Department of Education, Office of Higher Education] NYS Article 129A; §6431 and the SUNY & OCR Title IX Resolution Agreement mandate.

PSC membership (Appendix A) meets and exceeds the §6431 criteria on representation with more than half of the committee members being female, one-third student, one-third faculty and one-third selected by College administration.

Members Roster 2015 –2016

Committee Member Department Contact Info
Karen Logsdon
Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Assistant to the Vice President, Title IX Deputy Coordinator, WGS Adjunct Faculty
Ed Giblin, Chief University Police Dept.
Libby Caruso Hazen Center for Integrated Care, Director
Darlene Schmitt Hazen Center for Integrated Care, Associate Director Counseling Center, EAP Chair, SUNY Personal Safety Committee rep.
Denine Carr College Compliance & Title IX Officer
Sara Gleisle Coordinator, Prevention and Outreach Services, Center for Select Respect
Wendy Cranmer Human Resources
Christopher Bazzie Environmental Health & Safety, Director Commissary D30
(585) 395-2005
Susan Hoffman Athletics, Assistant Director
Betsy Ernst Campus Recreation
Kim Haines Student Activities and Union
Soha Salamah International Education
Sherri Micheli Office of Student with Disabilities
Johnna Frosini Parking & Transportation
Omeri M Nwachi MetroCenter, Facility Coordinator
Rick Lair Facilities/Cleaner
Sara Kelly/Carl O’Connor Residential Life/Learning Communities
Barbara LeSavoy Faculty, Director Women & Gender Studies
Dr. Nancy Kusmaul Faculty, Social Work Department
Dr. Jessica Sniatecki Faculty Health Science
Christi Waldron Community Representative, Restore-PPRSR Rape Crisis Service
STUDENT Members Department or Organization
BSG rep Brockport Student Government
Greek Life Greek Life, Community Development
WC Student/Select Respect. International Studies, Women & Gender Studies, Women’s Center Student Staff, Title IX Intern
Haley Plymale Student Union Manager
Justin Hickok
UP Student Patrol
University Police Student Patrol
Student Orgs DVAC
Ashlea Gray
Ruth Lopez
Social Work Major
Health Science Major

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