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Major Projects in Construction

Major Project Report (pdf)

021011 Replace Windows, Upgrade Perimeter HVAC, Refurbish Finishes at Allen Administration Building

Status: Exterior masonry repairs to concrete structure and brick walls suspended for winter. Interior abatement, selective demolitions, window replacements, piping modifications, and perimeter HVAC replacements at floors 7 and 6 in progress. Project is a two year construction schedule, completion anticipated spring 2020.
Budget: $8,685,000 (SUCF)
Project manager: Dave Strabel

021012 Replace Emergency Generators, Upgrade Electric Equipment at Multiple Buildings

Status: Project is in progress, contractor will start with upgrade of exit signs at multiple buildings (minor work). Majority of construction will be summer 2019.
Budget: $3,842,000 (SUCF)
Project manager: Kevin Walton

ES-ESN-0621 NYPA 7 Energy Conservation

Status: Customer installation commitment (CIC) between NYPA and Brockport signed in December, work started mid-January. Scope includes replacement of a/c chillers at Seymour and Tuttle North; lighting upgrades at 10 buildings; motor upgrades at various buildings.
Budget: $3,500,000
Project manager: Kevin Walton

Major Projects in Design/Bidding

021015 Upgrade Fire Detection Systems for Carbon Monoxide

Status: Negotiation of design contract with engineering consultant completed, cost proposal on hand. Funding of design shared by State and Residential Life. Consultant contract execution expected in February.
Budget: To be determined
Project manager: Bill McGorray

02025 North Campus Infrastructure Revitalization Phase 2

Status: Program verification and concept review meeting scheduled for February 12.
Planning budget: $26,800,000 (SUCF design, campus let construction)
Project manager: Bill McGorray

D02177 Repair Masonry at Briggs Hall

Status: Design at 100 percent, bidding December/January. Construction scheduled for May to August.
Budget: $900,000 (DASNY)
Project manager: Gary Morog

D02173 Replace Interior Doors at Bramley Hall

Project manager: Gary Morog

SUCF Facility Programming

The following guidelines have been provided by the State University of New York in Consultation with State University Construction Fund (SUCF) for determining the use of space on campus.

2018 SUCF Facility Programming Guidelines (pdf)

Last Updated 9/22/22