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Campus Space Temperature Guidelines

SUNY Brockport (SUNY) is working to meet Executive Order 88 and SUNY directives to achieve a 30% improvement in our overall energy use intensity (EUI).  Facilities is implementing space temperature guidelines to help meet this goal, further conserve energy, and reduce our annual $3,000,000 plus utility spend:

Campus Space Heating Season Cooling Season
Occupied / Scheduled 70 degF 75 degF
Unoccupied / Closed 60 degF 80 degF
Winter Holiday Break 55 degF n/a
Tolerance +/- 2 degF +/- 2 degF

Please note that research and teaching labs, chemical storage locations, special event venues, and spaces with sensitive equipment will be maintained in accordance with contractual requirements, research needs, and manufacturer warranty specifications.

During the spring (March – May) and fall (September and October) shoulder seasons, climate control can be especially challenging as we may be required to provide heat in the morning and then cooling later in the day. We will do our best to maintain temperatures within these guidelines at all times, though please be mindful that we will need to exercise caution and discretion in order to prevent equipment damage.

Our older buildings with large glass pane windows are typically impacted the most during the shoulder seasons as the window solar gain can add 10 plus degF to the interior space temperatures. Significant damage to our chillers will occur if we run them below their ambient temperature ratings.

If you have a temperature concern, please contact Facilities via our online work order request system or at (585) 395-2408. We will dispatch a technician to check the temperature and make the necessary repairs. If we are experiencing equipment issues that prevent us from maintaining at least 66 degF, we will seek to relocate you or provide a temporary space heater. Only approved space heaters may be used. All others will be removed.

Supplemental heating and cooling units may be provided for those with documented medical issues who require special reasonable accommodations. Please contact Human Resources at extension 2126 for assistance.

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Last Updated 4/19/22