Physical Plant Maintenance Service Requests

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Physical Plant Maintenance Service Requests


Typical Response Times

The Physical Plant processes just over 12,000 service requests each year. In order to assure that we are able to respond to the most urgent needs first, prioritizing every service request is absolutely necessary.

Services provided and their respective typical response timeframes fall into five major categories: emergencies, urgent, expedited, routine, and planned.

Please note that the timeframes provided refer to our initial response to your request; timeframes to fully complete the repairs may take longer.

Priority Level Response Time Goal Examples

Immediate response

Call x2408

A maintenance emergency is any situation that if not responded to immediately will result in a threat to life, safety or health of any person or will pose a significant and immediate threat to infrastructure.

  • Fire or fire alarm
  • Smoke or natural gas odors Chemical spill
  • Water supply interruption to building
  • Power outage to an entire building or floor of a building

 1 hour or less

Call x2408

Items required to maintain daily operations. When equipment is inoperable, services stop and operations are impacted.

  • Door that will not secure
  • Access issues
  • *Elevator entrapment (Call UP at ext. 2222)
  • Broken glass
  • Tripped breaker, major lighting or outlet outage
  • Flood (i.e. broken pipe or sink/toilet overflowing Roof leak impacting safe operations
  • Heating failure (not minor temperature adjustments) 

 48 hours or less

Submit a work request online

  • Heating and cooling temperature adjustments
  • Dripping faucet
  • Pest control
  • Clogged toilet (not flooding but out of service)
  • No power in an outlet
  • No A/C (when A/C is usually present)
  • Lighting issues in stairwells
  • Elevator issues without entrapment 

 5 business days

Submit a work request online

  • Broken screens/shades
  • Doors or locks “sticking”
  • Repair lights in classrooms and general spaces
  • Replace ceiling tiles
  • Drinking fountain or bottle filling station out of order

 Work that is planned and scheduled for a mutually agreeable date and time, and when resources are available. Often completed during college breaks.

Submit a work request online

  • Construct a new wall
  • Mounting whiteboards
  • Mounting TVs or monitors
  • Add a new light fixture
  • Repair accent or feature lighting
  • Paint classrooms, hallways or offices
  • Install additional electrical outlets
  • Install a new sink or countertop



To ensure maximum safety, trained elevator technicians respond to all entrapments on an emergency basis. The elevator company technicians are on call 24/7 with an expected response time of 1 hour or less.

The emergency phone inside the elevator is connected directly to the University Police dispatcher. When contacted by those inside, the UP dispatcher will initate the elevator entrapment procedures and remain in contact during the response. Anyone not using the emergency phone inside the elevator to report an entrapment should first contact the University Police at x2222.

For elevator issues not posing an immediate risk to safety (i.e. entrapment or exposed shaft way), The Facilities and Planning Service Center (x2408) should be notified immediately.

Last Updated 1/10/19

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