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Requesting a Sedan

  • Please complete a vehicle request form and submit it, by fax (395-2502, for departure dates less than 1 week from request date) or mail to the Facilities & Planning Service Center more than 1 week prior to departure. The vehicle request information section of the form must be complete and contain the appropriate signatures prior to processing. All drivers must possess a valid, Class D or higher, driver's license and be a College at Brockport employee.
  • You may call 395-2408 to verify vehicle availability. Vehicles are only reserved with complete vehicle request forms.
  • Current vehicle rental prices are available by calling 395-2408 or from our web page at pricing.htm.

Requesting a 7 Or 15 Passenger Vehicle

  • College at Brockport faculty/staff must be 25 years of age, possess a valid New York State driver's license and have completed the LENS requirements described below in addition to the requirements for requesting a sedan.
  • You may call 395-2408 to verify a vehicle's availability. Vans are only reserved with a complete vehicle request form, the driver's successful LENS check and the driver has completed the College at Brockport van safety- training course.

License Event Notification System (LENS) requirements:

(Requires a 6-week processing time prior to departure)

  • Each van driver/employee must complete the LENS check review process and complete the College at Brockport approved van safety-training course prior to requesting a van. Vans are not reserved without the proper LENS review process and completion of the van safety-training course.
  • To complete the LENS check review process, the driver/employee must complete/sign a release a License Event Notification System (LENS) form and submit to The College at Brockport Human Resources a minimum of 6 weeks prior to departure. Improper completion may delay processing. Human Resources will ensure complete confidentiality of employee information. Forms are available on the Human Resources or Facilities and Planning web page, from Human Resources, or from the Office of Facilities and Planning.
  • The van safety-training course details and scheduling are available from the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 395-2495. Written certification of the satisfactory completion of the van safety-training course will be provided to successful employees. The van safety-training course is valid for 3 years. The LENS check is updated periodically while the individual remains active in the LENS system. Human Resources will notify Facilities and Planning and Athletics of approved LENS driver.
  • Proof of successful LENS check and training course completion is required prior obtaining a College at Brockport van. Operators are required to submit proof of training completion and proper identification when obtaining keys for vans. Human resources will provide LENS verification.

Last Updated 4/4/18

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