Rental Vehicle Pricing

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Vehicle Type SUNY Brockport
Fleet Rental Rate
Sedan $55/day includes unlimited gas and tolls
Minivan 7-pass. $55/day includes unlimited gas and tolls
Van 15-pass $85/day includes unlimited gas and tolls

Procedures for All Rental Vehicles

Only complete vehicle request forms will be scheduled.

Vehicles are rented on a calendar day basis. If departure is required prior to the scheduled time and date, there is an additional daily charge. For example, if you are scheduled to pick up a vehicle at 8am on Thursday and decide to pick it up on Wednesday afternoon, you will be charged for Wednesday as well.

Returning a vehicle to SUNY Brockport with the gas tank on empty is acceptable, unless otherwise advised.

The vehicle driver is expected to return the vehicle clear of all debris and food as well as adherence to the no smoking policy. A cleaning charge plus the replacement cost of vandalized parts may be charged if not returned in appropriate condition. Examples include, but are not limited to, missing floor mats, broken armrests, litter, food, smoking or excessive vandalism. In addition to a cleaning charge, repeat offenders risk losing their department's rental privileges.

The operator of a State vehicle is personally responsible for payment of any traffic violations, E-Z Pass violations and/or damage caused to the vehicle by careless and/or reckless driving while in possession of a State vehicle.

Facilities and Planning reserves the right to limit or deny use of any state vehicle due to a report of improper and/or reckless operation of a state vehicle.

Vehicle related purchases are to be submitted through the driver's travel reimbursement process and will be reimbursed by Facilities.

Departments are responsible for payment of all reservations.  If a reservation is cancelled with Facilities and Planning at 395-2408, prior to the scheduled departure, the charges are waived.

Last Updated 9/22/22