Procedures For Using A Brockport Rental Vehicle


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On the Day of Your Scheduled Departure

Between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm (summer hours will apply) bring your approved vehicle request form to the Facilities & Planning Service Center, in the Commissary building, to obtain keys. Please see our web page or call 395-2408 for information and prices pertaining to early departures or canceling a reservation without notification.

The E-Z pass is permanently attached to the vehicle. The gasoline charge cards are located in the glove compartment or in the driver's door in a 15-passenger van, of your vehicle.

A van driver is required to bring proof of completion of the "Coaching the Van Driver" training course, and proper identification prior to obtaining keys to a van. Human Resources will notify Facilities and Planning of successful LENS applicants.

Each rental vehicle has an assigned parking space. Please park your locked, personal vehicle in same parking location where you will obtain your rental vehicle.

Facilties & Planning is not responsible for personal items left in a state vehicle.

Departures Prior to 7:00 am, Holidays or Weekends

Keys are available before 4:30 pm (summer hours will apply) on the day prior to an early departure, or the Friday before a holiday or weekend. If departure is on a Saturday, Sunday, or a CSEA designated non-working holiday (see Human Resources web site), the F&P Customer Service Center will be closed. The vehicle key(s) only must be obtained on the working day closest to the requested departure date. The departure date for the vehicle will remain as requested.

Returning a Rental Vehicle

The operator must complete the "Actual Trip Information" section of the vehicle request form. Incomplete information will result in a charge based from the last day this vehicle was rented.

If you return prior to 4:30 pm, please bring keys, completed vehicle request form, gas and toll slips expended using NYS devices to the Facilities and Planning Service Center, in the Commissary building.

After 4:30 pm, please place all items listed above in the drop box located in the door east of the gas pumps in the Chapman building.

Please clean all debris from vehicle. Please see our web page or call ext. 2408 for charges incurred for cleaning a vehicle subsequent to your return.

When returning a vehicle to The College at Brockport, it is acceptable to return the gas tank on empty, unless otherwise advised.

Problem Solvers

If you experience difficulties while in possession of a State vehicle, please call (585) 395-2408.


If an accident and/or theft involving a College-owned vehicle occurs, it is the driver’s responsibility to file a report with the police. On-campus accidents, or theft of the vehicle, should be reported to University Police for completion of the proper paperwork. All off-campus accidents, or theft of vehicle, should be reported to the proper law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred.

Last Updated 6/22/18

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