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Partners in Research & Scholarship Funding

The Scholar & Grants Development Office:

  • Assists with applications for external grants funding
  • Manages Brockport-funded internal grants programs
  • Oversees Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Supports scholarly & creative student work through research programs & events
  • Partners with BSG to fund student travel program

Use the button below to fill out the Request for Funding Opportunity Search to be included in our faculty/staff database for future opportunities.

Grant Database Form

The Scholar & Grants Development Office helps the campus community to identify and submit applications for potential sources of government, foundational or corporate funding for scholarship, travel, or program development. It also oversees the Institutional Review Board (IRB), administers Brockport's competitive internal grant awards for faculty scholarship, graduate student research, and student-presenter travel to academic conferences. Additionally NCUR, SURC, and Brockport's own, Scholars Day, academic research events on the national, state, and local levels, are coordinated by Grants Office staff.

Due to federal compliance requirements and institutional financial review, all applications for external funding--fellowships, research and service grants and contracts, curricular development awards, travel awards, etc.--must be submitted through the Scholar & Grants Development Office.

Last Updated 4/19/19

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