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In order for Human Resources to provide reports sorted by building names or select employees for reports by building, it is essential that all forms contain a standard building name in the format that our system accepts and understands. For building names we limit the number of characters so that layout for publications can be facilitated. Employees can only be assigned to one building in our system. Consequently, for employees who work in more than one building Human Resources must assign them a "building of record" based upon such factors as workload and employment history.

Following is the current list of acceptable building names and name formats to use on our appointment and directory information address/name change forms. Both of these forms are available at:

If any of these building names need to be changed for appointment, directory and other purposes, units should recommend the changes (within the 12 character limitation) through normal administrative channels. Upon approval of the building name correction or change by the President's staff, Human Resources will change all appropriate records.

Building Names for Directory Purposes

A - H

  • Allen Admin
  • Benedict Hall
  • Bramley Hall
  • Briggs Hall
  • Brockport Downtown
  • Brockway Hall
  • Brown Building
  • Chapman Center
  • Commissary
  • Cooper Hall
  • Dailey Hall
  • Dobson Hall
  • Drake Library
  • Edwards Hall
  • EOC
  • Gordon Hall
  • Harmon Hall
  • Hartwell Hall
  • Hazen Hall
  • Homes Hall

L - W

  • Lathrop Hall
  • Lennon Hall
  • Liberal Arts
  • MacVicar Hall
  • McFarlane Hall
  • McLean Hall
  • Morgan II
  • Morgan III
  • Mortimer Hall
  • Neff Hall
  • Perry Hall
  • Rakov Center
  • Seymour Union
  • Smith Hall
  • Temple Bldg
  • Tower
  • Tuttle North
  • Tuttle South
  • Washington Semester Program
  • Welcome Center

Rochester Addresses:

  • 161 Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY 14604 (Brockport Downtown and EOC)
  • 31 Prince Street Rochester, NY 14604 (Visual Studies)

Last Updated 9/10/18

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