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Who Do I Contact For...?

For staff contact information, please reference: HR Staff

Subject Contact
Affimative Action, EEO Tammy Gouger
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) - Accommodation Requests Tammy Gouger
Appointments (Classified Staffing) Sue Clase
Appointments (Full-time Faculty & Professional) Sue Clase
Appointments (Part-time Faculty & Graduate/Teaching Assistants) Holly Cunningham
Background Checks

Kristin Hartway: Professional & Faculty
Kalle Quill: Classified
Holly Cunningham: Part-time faculty & Graduate/
Teaching Assistants
Marc Gummerson: Volunteers

Benefits Serena Starr
Benefits Orientation Michelle Demonte

Classified Staffing (Appointment & Recruitment)

Kallee Quill

Classification & Compensation (Faculty & Professional)

Debbie Eggebrecht, Alyse Wenzel

Classification & Compensation (Classified Staffing)

Kallee Quill

Classification & Compensation (Part-time Faculty)

Becky Gagne
Direct Deposit Michelle DeMonte, Deborah Looney, Karen Simpson
Directory of Faculty & Staff Sue Clase
Discipline/Grievance Procedures Debbie Eggebrecht, Becky Gagne
Discrimination Complaints/Sexual Harassment/Bias Complaints Tammy Gouger
Drug Testing Sue Clase
Employee Relations/Labor Relations Debbie Eggebrecht, Becky Gagne, Alyse Wenzel, Tammy Gouger
Employment/Salary Verifications - State/Students Michelle DeMonte, Karen Simpson, Deborah Looney
Ethics Becky Gagne, Jim Wall
Exit Interviews

Professional: Kristin Hartway, Christina Ortiz

Classified: Kallee Quill

Extra Service Holly Cunningham
Graduate/Teaching Assistant Appointments Becky Gagne
Immigration Tammy Gouger
License Event Notification System (LENS)  Marc Gummerson
Leaves Serena Starr: Professional, Faculty & Classified Staffing
Sue Clase: Sabbatical Leaves
Letters (Contract Letters for Appointments) Tina Bieber
Orientation - NEST Program Christina Ortiz, Kallee Quill
Performance Evaluations & Programs Alyse Wenzel
Policies & Procedures Debbie Eggebrecht, Becky Gagne, Tammy Gouger
Prior Service Sue Clase, Becky Gagne
Recruitment (Classified Staffing) Kallee Quill, Christina Ortiz
Recruitment (Faculty & Professional) Kristin Hartway, Christina Ortiz,
Reports, Surveys, Labels Alyse Wenzel
Retirement Michelle DeMonte
Search Waivers Kristin Hartway
Student Payroll Debbie Looney: Work Study
Karen Simpson: Temp Service
Succession and Career Planning Debbie Eggebrecht, Tammy Gouger, Becky Gagne
Summer Session/Winter Session Michelle DeMonte
Timesheets and Accruals Deborah Looney
Tuition Waivers Tina Bieber
Training Debbie Eggebrecht, Tammy Gouger
Volunteers Marc Gummerson
Website Sue Clase, Becky Gagne
Worker's Compensation Serena Starr

Last Updated 5/26/21