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Who Do I Contact For...?

For staff contact information, please reference: HR Staff

Subject Contact
Affimative Action, EEO Tammy Gouger
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) - Accommodation Requests Tammy Gouger
Appointments (Classified Staffing) Gloria Lear
Appointments (Full-time Faculty & Professional) Sue Clase
Appointments (Part-time Faculty & Graduate/Teaching Assistants) Becky Gagne
Background Checks

Kristin Hartway: Professional & Faculty
Holly Cunningham: Classified
Becky Gagne: Part-time faculty & Graduate/Teaching Assistants
Marc Gummerson: Volunteers

Benefits Kallee Quill,Serena Starr
Benefits Orientation Kallee Quill

Classified Staffing (Appointment & Recruitment)

Gloria Lear, Holly Cunningham

Classification & Compensation (Faculty & Professional)

Debbie Eggebrecht, Alyse Wenzel

Classification & Compsensation (Classified Staffing)

Gloria Lear

Classification & Compensation (Part-time Faculty)

Becky Gagne
Direct Deposit Michelle DeMonte, Deborah Looney, Karen Simpson
Directory of Faculty & Staff Sue Clase
Discipline/Grievance Procedures Debbie Eggebrecht, Becky Gagne
Discrimination Complaints/Sexual Harassment/Bias Complaints Tammy Gouger
Drug Testing Sue Clase
Employee Relations/Labor Relations Debbie Eggebrecht, Becky Gagne, Alyse Wenzel
Employment/Salary Verifications - State/Students Michelle DeMonte, Karen Simpson, Deborah Looney
Ethics Becky Gagne, Jim Wall
Exit Interviews

Professional: Tammy Gouger

Classified: Kristin Hartway

Extra Service Alyse Wenzel
Graduate/Teaching Assistant Appointments Becky Gagne
Immigration Tammy Gouger
License Event Notification System (LENS)  Marc Gummerson
Leaves Kallee Quill/Serena Starr: Professional, Faculty & Classified Staffing
Sue Clase: Sabbatical Leaves
Letters (Contract Letters for Appointments) Tina Bieber
Orientation - NEST Program Gloria Lear, Kallee Quill
Performance Evaluations & Programs Alyse Wenzel
Policies & Procedures Debbie Eggebrecht, Becky Gagne
Prior Service Sue Clase, Becky Gagne
Recruitment (Classified Staffing) Gloria Lear
Recruitment (Faculty & Professional) Kristin Hartway
Reports, Surveys, Labels Alyse Wenzel
Retirement Michelle DeMonte
Search Waivers Kristin Hartway
Student Payroll Michelle DeMonte: Work Study
Karen Simpson: Temp Service
Succession and Career Planning Debbie Eggebrecht, Tammy Gouger, Becky Gagne
Summer Session/Winter Session Michelle DeMonte
Timesheets and Accruals Deborah Looney
Tuition Waivers Michelle DeMonte
Training Debbie Eggebrecht
Volunteers Marc Gummerson
Website Sue Clase, Becky Gagne
Worker's Compensation Serena Starr

Last Updated 7/1/20

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