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Welcome to The College at Brockport!

On behalf of The Office of Human Resources welcome to The College at Brockport. The new hire package sent to your home directed you to this page to access the presentations found below. Not all presentations may apply to you. Please refer to your new hire package to determine which presentations to review prior to your in person orientation. We have supplied additional information links to the left of this screen under "Resources" that will assist you in your transition into a state and College at Brockport employee.

If you have any questions regarding your in person orientation or have any difficulty accessing the information on this site please contact The Office of Human Resources at 585-395-2126 or

History and Welcome

a journey begins: the story of Brockport

Relevant Information

Written History

Health Insurance - New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation: Benefits

Relevant Information

Local Plan Rates (premiums) and Local Plan Choices

Health Insurance Enrollment Form

Empire Plan - Definition of the Basic Medical Program

Eligible Dependents

Opt Out Program Description

Retirement - Defined Benefit Plans - New Hire Orientation

New Hire Information:  Retirement - Defined Benefit Plan

Relevant Information

Employees' Retirement System Member Handbook

Teacher's Retirement System Member Handbook

Retirement - Defined Contribution Plans - New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation - Defined Contribution Plan

Relevant Information

Defined Benefit Plans VS Defined Contribution Plans- A Comparison

Last Updated 10/6/17

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