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130 Brockport Athletic Committee Operating Code

130.01 Purpose

  1. Policies and procedures will be recommended to support the educational experiences enjoyed by student athletes and spectators.
  2. The Committee will conduct appropriate reviews and engage in such other activities as will enable it to advise the campus President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics on such intercollegiate athletics program matters as:
    1. Planning for intercollegiate athletics participation on campus and in conferences.
    2. Funding for intercollegiate athletics including preparation and approval of budget, budget revenue, and disbursement.
    3. Standards and policies for student participation in intercollegiate athletics.
    4. Other matters appropriate to its purview and/or referred to it by the campus President or Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

130.02 Membership Definition

  1. Students must be:
    1. Enrolled full-time.
    2. Matriculated in a degree program.
    3. In good academic standing at time of appointment and throughout continuation of service.
  2. Faculty and staff must be: (for the purpose of satisfying the NCAA Constitution)
    1. Full-time
    2. Staff or faculty (teaching) who do not report to the Chief Executive Officer or do not serve as chief administrative officials.
  3. Administration must be: (for the purpose of satisfying the NCAA Constitution (3-2-[a])
    1. A full-time administrative staff member.
    2. Directly responsible to the Chief Executive Officer or serves as a chief administrative official (e.g., admissions director, finance officer, department heads, deans). (Other non-academic staff members and individuals would not be considered to be administrators for purpose of this regulation.)
  4. Alumni must hold a degree from SUNY College at Brockport.
  5. Non-voting: The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, representative of the College Council, and others at the discretion of the campus President.

130.03 Membership Composition

NCAA policies require that faculty and administration combined shall comprise the majority of voting membership. The Committee shall consist of fifteen (15)-voting members and one (1) or more non-voting members:

+Students 5
Administration 4
++Faculty & staff 4
Alumni 1
FOBA 1 (Friends of Brockport Athletics)
Voting Members 15
Non-Voting Members 2 (Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, College
Council representative)

+ No less than one-third of the voting membership shall be students; including at least one male and one female member from the campus intercollegiate teams.

++ Faculty and staff: At least two (2) should be coaches representing one (1) male and one (1) female athletic team. At least two (2) should be other than coaches. The NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative should be a committee member.

130.04 Appointments

  1. Students, faculty/staff, alumni, and Golden Eagle Society members: shall be appointed by the campus President after consultation with the appropriate body.
  2. Administration and other Committee members: shall be selected by the campus President.
  3. Chairperson: shall be appointed by the campus President; and must be a member of the faculty or administration. Such appointment shall be made after consultation with the Committee.
  4. NCAA voting delegate: shall be a member of the Committee appointed by the campus President, and must be a member of the faculty or administration.

130.05 Terms Of Appointment

All appointments to the Committee will be made during the spring semester for the following academic year(s). All appointments will be for two-year terms with appointments being made each spring as follows:

  • In odd-numbered: two (2) administration, one (1) alumni, two (2) faculty, and three (3) student members + will be appointed.
  • In even-numbered: two- (2) administration, two- (2) faculty, one (1) Golden Eagle Society, and two (2) student members + will be appointed.

+ NOTE: Every effort should be made to appoint students who can serve two-year terms, but this is not a requirement for a student appointment.

130.06 Quorum

  1. A quorum will be a simple majority of voting members.
  2. In accordance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) policy on institutional control, a majority of those persons present must be faculty/administration members.

130.07 Voting Procedures

Each Committee member is entitled to one vote and must be present to cast that vote.

130.08 Passage of Policies

The passage of a policy by the Committee will require an affirmative vote by at least a simple majority of those members present. The President will communicate policies recommended by this group.

130.09 Procedures for Proposing Policy

  1. Policy proposals may be presented to the Committee for appropriate consideration by any member of the College community, i.e., faculty, administration, staff, students, and alumni. All proposals must be in writing and presented to the chairperson prior to a meeting at which preliminary consideration is requested.
  2. Proposals will be placed upon the agenda for preliminary discussion. If a majority of the Committee wishes to give a proposal full consideration, it ordinarily will be placed upon the agenda for the next meeting or referred to the appropriate standing committee for evaluation and recommendations back to the Committee.

130.10 Attendance and Replacement

Failure of any member of the Committee to attend three consecutive meetings requires the chairperson to bring this attendance concern before the Committee at the third meeting for review and recommendations. After the second consecutive absence, the chairperson will notify said Committee member and solicit reasons for said absence for Committee consideration. The Committee may recommend continuation of membership due to the circumstances of absence, or it may require the chairperson to recommend to the President solicitation of new members from the appropriate constituency for appointment by the President as a replacement.

130.11 Committees

After consultation with the Committee members for their assignment preferences, the chairperson will establish committees and appoint their chairpersons. Composition should be in accordance with NCAA guidelines for Committee composition.

130.12 Duties of Chairperson

The duties of the chairperson will include the following:

  1. Scheduling meetings after consultation with the Athletic Director.
  2. Developing meeting agendas in consultation with the Athletic Director and insuring the circulation of the agenda to members and appropriate information media on the campus.
  3. Chairing meetings.
  4. Insuring that Committee minutes are prepared and circulated in a timely fashion by a recording secretary provided and identified by the Athletic Director.
  5. Insuring that notice of meeting cancellations or the call of special meetings reaches all members in a timely fashion
  6. Insuring that all Committee duties, correspondence, and actions are forwarded in a timely fashion to the appropriate institutional officer.
  7. Recommending to the Committee the replacement of members when necessary, and notifying the Chief Administrative Officer that a replacement(s) is needed.
  8. Insuring, through consultation with the Athletic Director, that all necessary information is made available to Committee members as far in advance of the Committee's need to take action as is possible.
  9. Appointing the members to the Committee's standing committees after consultation with the members to determine their assignment preference.
  10. Representing the Committee before the other councils of the College.

(Approved by College President, March 11, 1987)

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