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170 Student Involvement in the Governance of Academic Departments/Programs

170.01 Purpose

  1. To implement the University's commitment to student involvement in the policy-making structure of the College by meaningful participation in academic departmental and program governance.
  2. Participation in academic governance is not a token gesture; instead, students are expected to work diligently and constructively within the departments and the departmental committees to which they are elected and/or assigned. While the initial burden of implementation falls upon the academic departments and programs, the effective operation of student representation will be the responsibility of the student representatives and the majors, graduate students, or students involved in a program who elect them.

170.02 Implementations

  1. Student members selected to participate in the governance of an academic department or program shall be majors or graduate students in that department or program.
  2. The students shall have the opportunity of electing student representatives, the number of which shall be no less than one-fourth and no more than the number of faculty in that academic department or program. The department or program will determine the number of students in any committee.
  3. The number of students to be elected or selected (within the stated minimum and maximum) is a departmental (or program) decision. It is subject, of course, to revision from year to year. It is recommended that the initial decision be arrived through consultation with the majors' club or, in the absence of such an organization, interested students.
  4. The selection of student representatives shall be through an annual elective process, which will allow for nominations by petition, secret balloting, and recall procedures. If an insufficient number of student representatives is available through this process, the chairperson or his/her designee, in consultation with the Brockport Student Government (BSG), may recommend supplementary student representatives to the department.
    • In cases where there is to be an election, departments shall assist by taking the following steps:
      1. Publicizing the elections (e.g., mailing notices to all majors, graduate students, or students involved in a program.
      2. Providing a list of majors, graduate students, or students involved in a program to be used to check off individuals as they cast their votes at the polling place.
      3. In the absence of a majors' club, the department will appoint students to organize and supervise the election.
  5. Student representatives shall participate in the same manner as faculty members in the deliberative and decision-making processes in the areas involving curriculum, scheduling of courses, advisement procedures, student representation, evaluation of courses, and any other departmental matters as may be determined by the faculty and student representatives of the academic department or program. The department from committees dealing with confidential and/or personnel matters may exclude students.
  6. Item 5 recognizes that the deliberative and decision-making processes vary from department to department. Therefore, departments shall involve the student representatives within the departmental committees that deal with the range of subjects in which the student representatives have a voice. Participation by student representatives involves, of course, voting privileges.
  7. In those departments or programs where the majors, graduate students, or students involved in the program are not organized into a club, the department shall take steps to establish such an organization. It is only through such an organization that the student representatives can maintain contact with and represent the constituency that elects them.

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