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260 Sponsored Research and Contract Administration

260.01 General

Seeking Funding Sources and preparing your proposal
Pre-Award - the Grants Development Director in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is available to assist all faculty and staff in seeking funding sources and providing one-on-one assistance in preparing your proposal and obtaining institutional approval. She can be reached at (585) 395-5118 or send an email to Colleen Donaldson at

After you receive a grant contract:
Post-Award- the staff in the Research Foundation of SUNY office on our campus provide support to faculty/staff who have received grants/contracts. They are responsible for maintaining compliance with all federal, state, sponsor, Research Foundation, and SUNY policies, rules and regulations. They can be reached at (585) 395-2444.

For detailed information on travel rates and regulations, budget information, personnel policies and a Project Director's Guide visit The Research Foundation of SUNY College at Brockport's web page at

260.02 Hours

The Grants Development Director's Office and The Research Foundation Office is both open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during the academic year, and 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. during the summer. The office closes for state and federal holidays.

260.03 Submitting an Application

All proposals to external sponsors must be submitted through the Grants Development Director's Office and approved by The Research Foundation of SUNY on behalf of SUNY Brockport. Your initial contact is with Grants Development Director at (585) 395-5118. Services provided during proposal submission include:
Assistance in identifying potential funding resources

  • Budget development (including support in identifying matching funds)
  • Narrative review (also writing and editing assistance if desired)
  • Obtaining and Interpreting of sponsor guidelines
  • Word processing assistance and completion of all required forms
  • Obtaining of internal institutional signatures and approval for your proposal.
  • Copying and mailing or electronic submission of your proposal

All proposals must have a signed internal Campus Impact Form completed and approved by the project director, department chair, dean, and Research Foundation Operations Manager (or his alternate) prior to being submitted. This is to ensure that all members of the campus community are aware of and approve the project.

260.04 Proposal Award/Denial

Once a proposal is approved, The Research Foundation staff provides the following assistance:

  • Negotiation of awards terms and conditions ( in conjunction with the project director)
  • Assistance with adjustments to proposals that have been funded but at a lower or higher rate than requested
  • Assistance in hiring and payment of personnel and all project costs.
  • Monitoring, approval, and reporting of fiscal expenditures

If a proposal is not initially funded the Grants Development Director can Provide assistance in:

  • Determining why a proposal was not funded
  • Redesign and resubmission of denied proposals.

260.05 Personnel And Employment Policies

The Research Foundation of SUNY College at Brockport is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. For complete listing of Research Foundation Personnel Policies refer to their web site at

260.06 Purchasing

The Research Foundation of SUNY College at Brockport is now using online forms that can be found at

260.07 Human Subjects

In compliance with federal regulations and state law, the College assures that human research subjects will be protected from risk. If an individual anticipates becoming involved in a project that involves human subjects please contact the Human Subjects Administrator, who is also the Grants Development Director at (585) 395-5118. These guidelines are currently being revised and the most current version will be posted on the College's web site under administrative forms.

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