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300 Affirmative Action - Equal Opportunity

300.01 Statement of Intent

The State University College at Brockport, in its commitment to Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action complies with applicable federal and state laws, Executive Orders, and SUNY Board of Trustees policy prohibiting discrimination.

It is the policy of the State University College at Brockport that no person on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or Vietnam-era veteran status shall be discriminated against in employment, educational programs and activities, or admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Director of Affirmative Action.

300.02 Equal Employment Opportunity

  1. General policy
    1. Each administrative and academic officer and search committee must take appropriate steps within the areas of their responsibility to ensure that, for each faculty and non-teaching professional position, an active and thorough recruitment effort is made for qualified members of minority groups and disabled individuals.
    2. This effort will be viewed as an important determining factor in the acceptability of a position recommendation. Affirmative Action efforts are to augment, rather than replace, previous recruiting procedures. The recommendation, and the appointment, are to be made on the basis of qualifications for the position, and it is considered proper to redefine eligibility criteria to broaden the base of the talent pool to include special experience, training, and education not normally considered when such factors are important characteristics of eligibility for the position. Such consideration must be applied equally to all candidates for the position.
    3. Special attention to the identification, recruitment, and selection of minority group members, women, and disabled individuals is consistent with state and federal law, orders, and regulations, and the policy adopted by the SUNY Board of Trustees.
  2. Prior to Recruitment
    1. Each hiring unit is responsible for contacting the Director of Affirmative Action, who may advise the unit in developing general procedures which will ensure the most efficient distribution of information about available positions to minority groups, women, and disabled persons in order to encourage applications from these sources.
    2. Position qualifications should be reviewed carefully to assure that the description does not in itself discriminate against the selection of minority, women, and disabled applicants.
    3. Upon completion of recruitment plans, such plans should be submitted to the Director Affirmative Action for approval.
    4. Whenever possible, minority group members, women, and disabled individuals should be included on search committees.
    5. Affirmative Action Report forms are available in the Office of Affirmative Action.
  3. Recruitment Plans
    1. All correspondence and advertising is to indicate that we are an "Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer," and all recruiting sources are to be informed of that fact by the person who initiates contact.
    2. A list of specific sources of minority groups, disabled, and women candidates should be compiled by the individual units with the assistance of the Affirmative Action Office. Some categories to be considered are national organizations which have been formed to establish talent pools of minority groups and women, professional organizations, specialized employment agencies, women's colleges, colleges with high minority enrollments, minority and women scholars in other institutions, and newspapers with high leadership by members of minority groups and women.
    3. The group of applicants considered must include qualified minorities and women, unless evidence is documented that extraordinary efforts to recruit them have been made and failed.
    4. It is recognized that there may be instances in which a person is recommended for a position without widespread recruitment efforts. Such cases may be justified when a qualified individual may be promoted from within the College, time is of the essence, campus operations would suffer without an interim appointment, or when a person is available who is uniquely qualified for the position. By their very nature, such cases are rare; and their acceptability is measured not only against the urgency of that particular appointment, but also against overall efforts to use members of minority groups and women in the unit which has recommended the appointment. Documentation of the special circumstances must be made; and, as in all cases, the Affirmative Action Report form attached to the documentation must be approved by the Director of Affirmative Action.
    5. All applicants should be notified in any correspondence preceding a visit to the campus that, if they desire, they may have an opportunity to meet the Director of Affirmative Action.
  4. During the Recruitment
    1. Check back with the Director of Affirmative Action on progress being made in locating minority, women, and disabled candidates.
    2. If there are no such applicants, the Affirmative Action Office will offer assistance in establishing suitable contacts.
    3. If there are minority, women, and disabled candidates, the search committee may wish to discuss how they compare to other applicants. If there are no or few such applicants, the Affirmative Action Office will offer further assistance in establishing suitable contacts.
  5. Prior to Appointment
    1. No offer to recommend for appointment may be extended until the Affirmative Action Report, which documents full and open recruitment efforts for that position, has been approved.
    2. When the recruitment activity, as documented, is approved as having met the legal and social obligations required, the Director of Affirmative Action shall authorize the initial recommending office to proceed.
    3. Should the recruitment activity not meet the legal and social obligations of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, the appropriate Vice President will notify the originating office of the necessity to renew recruiting efforts in order to rectify specific deficiencies.
    4. If the Vice President does not concur with the recommendation of the Director of Affirmative Action to renew the recruitment effort, the Vice President will consult with the President. If no agreement is reached in this consultation, the final decision will rest with the President of the College.

300.03 Equal Opportunity for Students

  1. The College, within its financial resources, will continue to develop and maintain programs and efforts to ensure equal educational opportunity to students who traditionally have not been served in large numbers by higher education.
  2. The College will continue to develop and maintain recruitment and admissions program designed to give equal opportunity to women and minority applicants.
  3. The College will provide continuing financial assistance, within the limits of its resources, on an equal basis to women and minority students who are making satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  4. The College will make its placement services available only to those firms, organizations, and school systems, which have a statement of compliance with existing equal opportunity laws.
  5. The College will assist minority and other students, within its financial resources, by providing tutoring and counseling, as appropriate.
  6. The College will continue to initiate appropriate courses, within its financial resources, relevant to the experience of minority people and women. Members of the College community have had and will continue to make recommendations concerning such courses to departmental and appropriate faculty curriculum committees.
  7. The College will not discriminate against minorities and women in the sponsorship and conduct of any student activities.
  8. The College will ensure that, in the delivery of professional and student services, no student is discriminated against as a function of race, sex, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, disability, or Vietnam-era veteran status.

300.04 Brockport's Affirmative Action Plan

The State University College at Brockport annually updates the College's Affirmative Action Plan. This document provides detailed information of all Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policies, regulations, etc. Additionally, it provides an extensive statistical analysis of the utilization of the workforce at the College. Copies of this document are available in the Office of the Affirmative Action.

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