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370 Fund Raising and Solicitations

370.01 General Fund Raising Policy

  1. The policy of the SUNY College at Brockport is that no solicitation of funds, grants, contracts or property shall be made by anyone for the benefit of the College, or any agency thereof, without the prior approval of the President, or his designated representative.
  2. Any dean, department chair, director, or faculty or staff member who wishes to undertake any type of solicitation, fund-raising program, or request for support in the name of the College from alumni, business, industry, government, foundations or friends, or who seeks to establish a fund-raising program, including "Associates," "Friends" or similar groups, must follow the guidelines established for that purpose.
  3. All applications for specific project support to public or private foundations, corporations, and governmental agencies (federal state, and local) are to be cleared by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, using the approved College forms. Typically such requests are channeled through the Office of Sponsored Research and Contract Administration and the disbursement of such funds handled by the Research Foundation of SUNY. (TR 51-115, 64-87, 68-383, TR April 77.) Fellowship applications, such as the Fulbright Program, constitute the only exception to this procedural policy.
  4. All applications, solicitations or requests for funding which are intended for consideration by regional business and industrial organizations, local and/or regional foundations, alumni, or friends of the College must be cleared by the President and the Vice President for Advancement.


  1. The Brockport College Foundation is the official fund-raising organization for the College and exists to encourage greater private support for the College. It is a not-for-profit corporation whose sole beneficiary is the SUNY College at Brockport. All contributions to it are tax deductible. Gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations are solicited and used to finance College programs for which other funds are not available. The Brockport College Foundation manages and allocates gift funds, and is also a repository for other gifts to the College.
  2. The Brockport College Foundation accepts both unrestricted and restricted gifts. Restricted gifts are used as the contributor stipulates; the only control the Foundation exercises over restricted gifts is whether to accept them and whether they can be administered in accord with good business practices. The Foundation recognizes individuals or corporations, as required by givers, so long as requests for recognition are considered reasonable. Memorial gifts are also accepted, with appropriate recognition.
  3. Any scholarship, gift, bequest or other contribution, which in any way distinguishes between individuals or groups on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed or national origin, is inimical to the philosophy of the College, even though the intent of the donor may not be prejudicial to the interests of individuals or groups. The Brockport College Foundation will not participate in or accept any scholarships, gifts, bequests or other contributions that would violate this principle. (TR-53-17, SUNY PH 004.)


  1. Any request to undertake a fund-raising program or solicitation of contributions from friends, business, industry or the local community should first be submitted to the President and the Vice President for Advancement. The individual who initiates the request is responsible for securing the endorsement of the appropriate department chair and/or dean.
  2. Included in this category are the following:
    1. Special fund raising efforts appealing to the College's constituencies in behalf of scholarships, memorial funds, fellowships, aid programs, professorships, etc.
    2. Establishment of an "Associates" or "Friends" program designed to solicit financial support.
    3. Plans to raise funds for conferences, equipment, special symposia, lecture series, etc.
  1. Potential donors in the region served by the College are informed of these procedures and have been asked to return all requests for financial support, which have not been submitted through the appropriate College office.


The Brockport College Foundation is the only approved recipient of monetary or investment portfolio gifts in behalf of the College. In all potential cases, early contact with the Vice President for Advancement is encouraged and most often required.


Unconditional gifts of books, periodicals, documents or manuscripts, which, in the opinion of the Director of Library Services, would constitute useful additions to the library resources of the College, are encouraged. Early contact with the Director of Library Services is expected in such cases, since such gifts may require specialized services or facilities (i.e., humidity control, security systems, etc.). (TR 61-38; SUNY PH 015.)


  1. Acceptance of gifts of equipment or goods that would constitute useful additions to the College is encouraged.

    The following guidelines apply when a gift is offered directly to the University (SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution No. 2004-79). The campus president or chief administrative officer, or designee (the “authorized administrative officer”) of a State-operated campus or statutory college is authorized to accept a gift to the respective campus of cash or personal property not to exceed $100,000, and to execute appropriate documents to evidence acceptance. The campus shall be responsible for any expenditure associated with the acceptance of a gift, including on-going expenditures, if any, for maintenance of the gift. The campus should have in place a process to assess possible risk or exposure inherent in acceptance of a gift. The chancellor, or designee, is authorized to accept a gift of cash or personal property in excess of $100,000 to a state-operated campus or statutory college.
  2. Since proposed gifts of equipment or goods may place demands upon the College in terms of special requirements (e.g., electrical, space, humidity control, maintenance, etc.), it is essential that the Vice President for Administrative Services be notified in advance of all such potential donations. The “Brockport Gift Acceptance Campus Impact Statement” must be completed and sent to the Vice President for Advancement for initial review and approval. Final approval is required by the President or designee.
  3. Under no circumstances should any member of the College accept or receive gifts or bequests unless the above-mentioned procedures and policies are adhered to and complied with in a timely manner.


  1. The SUNY College at Brockport will permit money to be solicited during a public meeting or entertainment on campus under the following conditions:
    1. Fund raising is the stated purpose of those who originally scheduled the event.
    2. The official sponsorship of the event must be by a recognized campus organization or group.
    3. All announcements and advertisements of the event must clearly indicate there will be a solicitation for donations.
    4. Any person or group engaged in fund raising must register with, and be approved by, the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.
  2. Any form of fund raising not specifically approved under Chapter 300, Sections 01, 02, 03 or 07 is prohibited.


The laws of New York State (Civil Service Law, Section 107) specifically forbid the solicitation and contribution of political assessments by state officers and employees in any state office or building, or upon state-owned or operated property.

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