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680 Alcohol Policy, Procedures, Guidelines


"No person shall sell, deliver or give away or cause or permit or procure to be sold, delivered or given away any alcoholic beverages to any person, actually or apparently under the age of twenty-one years."

680.01 SUNY College at Brockport Alcohol Policy

General policies covering the use of alcoholic beverages on campus.

  1. Abuse of alcohol:

    1. Obvious abuse of alcohol is prohibited.
    2. Intoxication is not an excuse for violation of College rules and expectations.

  2. Age restrictions:

    1. Persons under 21 are not permitted to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages.
    2. All persons are prohibited from selling, serving, or giving away alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age and are prohibited from purchasing alcoholic beverages for persons under 21.

  3. Charging for alcoholic beverages:

    1. A student-sponsored event, which is to have a cash bar as a supplement to the main activity, is to be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.
    2. An event may be approved only if scheduled in an area operated by BASC, including the New York Room and President’s Dining Room in Cooper Hall, the Gallery Restaurant in the College Union, and the dining halls and Off the Tracks in Harrison Hall.
    3. Other areas, including Union Square food court in the College Union or another area on campus, may be requested under special circumstances through the Vice President for Student Affairs. All BASC guidelines and requirements as outlined in BASC’s Alcohol Policy for catered events must also be adhered to.

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Last Updated 11/9/17

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