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750.01 Parking Permits

  • All vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, parked on the campus require parking permits. These may be obtained from the Parking Office, located in Brockway Hall.

750.02 Display of Parking Permits

  • Permits should be displayed inside the left rear side window.

750.03 Parking Fines

  • Tickets are issued and fines assessed for failure to register vehicles for campus parking, for parking in unauthorized places, and for other violations of the Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations.

  • State law provides for deducting parking and traffic fines from the salary of SUNY employees. Chapter 148 of the Laws of 1972, adopted by the New York State Legislature enacted Section 362 of the Education Law authorizing the Trustees of the State University to promulgate parking regulations, including the assessment of fines for any violation thereof. Regulations (8NYCRR, Part 560) of the Trustees enable the College Council to develop parking regulations subject to Trustee approval. The College Council of the State University College at Brockport has adopted parking regulations (as noted above), and they have been approved by the Trustees of State University of New York.

  • Additional details regarding the use of motor vehicles on the campus are presented in a folder, Motor Vehicle Regulations.

750.04 College Liability and Automobiles

  • The State of New York does not carry liability insurance, and cars parked on campus are parked at the owner's risk.

750.05 When a Car is Sold

  • The owner of a registered vehicle who sells or exchanges it for another vehicle is responsible for removing the parking permit before it is sold or exchanged and re-registering the new vehicle.

750.06 Faculty and Staff Parking

  • Faculty and staff, with registered vehicles may park in any lot labeled A or AB.

  • These lots are reserved exclusively for vehicles which have been properly registered with the Parking Office and a current permit displayed. All others are subject to ticket (s) and/or towed at the owner's expense.

750.07 Visitor Parking

  • Visitors are required to obtain a parking pass from the Information KIOSK (on New Campus Drive) or the Parking Office (Brockway Hall). Visitors may park at a meter without a parking pass but must deposit the appropriate fee.

750.08 Special Parking for the Disabled

  • Parking for those who posses a valid city, town or village handicap parking tag is available in most parking areas on campus. The handicap tag must be displayed with a valid Brockport parking permit. Disabled students, faculty and staff my obtain a temporary handicap pass by presenting a physician's notice stating length of disability to the Parking Office.

750.09 General Parking Requirements

  • Vehicles must be parked in lined stalls and not across walkways, on walks, in roadways, on grassed areas, or where signs or road markings prohibit parking. The College is required to keep fire lanes open for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

  • Parking and driving on sidewalks is strictly forbidden. Parking behind loading docks, delivery doors, and official emergency areas is strictly prohibited. These are fire lanes and delivery areas only. Vehicles parked in violation of College regulations or where signs and road markings prohibit parking will be removed at the owner's expense. Where and when parking on roads is permitted, vehicles must park in the direction of the flow of traffic.

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