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Cyber security refers to protecting every aspect that could be affected by information technology risks that could put our networks, programs, computers and data at risk; particularly taking on count the increased complexity of cyber threats.

By recognizing that we are all responsible for identifying and decreasing the risks posed by the Internet, we will be able to protect our data and ourselves.

Please check our document Cyber Security: How to keep your information safe at the College at Brockport.

Please have a look at the Threatsaurus: The A-Z of computer and data security threats.

You can also review the following documents for more information on how to keep your information safe.


Fundamentals of cyber safety

Cyber security starts with you!

Cyber security 101

Phishing 101

Understanding online risks

How to better protect yourself

Undergraduate students’ cyber safety

E-mail do’s and do not’s

Securing your new tablet

Mobile devices safety

Safety tips while using social media

How to shop online securely

Cyber security tips for travelers

Taking action

Yes, you actually are a target!

Understanding spear phishing

What is social engineering?

Think like a hacker for better security awareness

I’m hacked! Now what?

You can get more information by visiting the following sites: 

educause center_for_internet_security
educational_advisory_board sans


Please review out campus security awareness calendar to get monthly tips.

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Last Updated 8/28/17