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Getting Started

Candidate Reflections on the edTPA

10 Tips for edTPA Success - Education Week Teacher (pdf)

Permission Forms

PEU edTPA Video Permission Letter (pdf)

PEU edTPA Video Permission Letter in Spanish (pdf)

Adult Permission Letter (word document)

Borrowed Equipment Agreement Form (pdf)

Guidelines for Candidate Use of edTPA Videos (word document)

edTPA Planning Tools

Physical Education Candidates

Check-off List for Submitting to your College Supervisor (pdf)

Check-off List for Submitting to Pearson (pdf)

Education and Human Development Candidates

Brockport edTPA Lesson Plan Template (word document)

IRIS Evidence-Based Practice Summaries Resource

Labeling, Configuring and Uploading edTPA files for Tk20 (pdf)

Checklist for Getting Ready to Submit edTPA to Pearson (word document)

Resources for Evidence-Based Practice (pdf)


edTPA Elementary Education (word document)

edTPA Secondary English (word document)

edTPA Secondary History (word document)

edTPA Secondary Math (word document)

edTPA Secondary Science (word document

edTPA World Language (word document)

Academic Language Guidance

Academic Language Functions Chart (pdf)

Academic Language Function Toolkit (pdf)

Bloom's Taxonomy Expanded Chart (pdf)

edTPA Resources for School-Based Teacher Educators

The edTPA and Your Student Teaching Candidate (word document)

edTPA Provides Support (pdf)

edTPA Teachers who Support (pdf)

edTPA/APPR Crosswalk (pdf)

5 edTPA Tips for Cooperating Teachers

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