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The Office of Accountability and Assessment currently offers proctoring services by appointment only for students taking online college courses either through Brockport or other colleges/universities. Advance arrangements can be made between the Office and other institutions for students to come to the Brockport campus to complete scheduled exams. Services provided will include: verify identification, monitor the exam, and forward exam materials as required by the respective institution.

Brockport instructors teaching hybrid courses who need multiple students proctored at one specific time should contact the office several weeks in advance in order to assure testing lab and proctor availability. Proctoring services currently offered are strictly on a part-time basis, so early arrangements are mandatory.

Proctoring Procedures Due to COVID-19

In response to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 emergency, the Office of Accountability and Assessment at SUNY Brockport has temporarily suspended all in-person proctoring services. We understand that this is a difficult time and we are committed to providing students with the assessment services needed, while following public health guidance to ensure the safety of test takers and the broader community. Future additional proctoring services will be provided for students as soon as possible, in place of canceled exams.

We are taking steps to explore virtual opportunities to help expand flexibility on test taking for our students. Please continue to check our website for future updates regarding our services. We will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation and will provide updates as we have them.

Please direct all inquiries to Jenny Green. The Office of Accountability and Assessment will be in touch with you once the office reopens to arrange the next dates for proctoring.

Last Updated 7/21/22