SUNY Guidelines for Retaining Research Data

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The retention guidelines below represent the minimum time recommended by SUNY.

Faculty and Faculty-Student Research Records

Published books, papers, journal articles, and other materials made available to the public:


Other records, including but not limited to records summarizing and publicizing research, and research files which are not the personal property of the researchers:

3 years after research concluded or otherwise terminated

Records of Institutional Review Boards

Records relating to individual research protocols, including but not limited to copies of research proposals reviewed and accompanying scientific evaluations and funding proposals; approved sample consent documents; progress reports submitted by investigators; reports of injuries to subjects; statements of significant new findings provided to subjects; written summaries of discussion of controversial issues and their resolution; records showing the basis for requiring changes in or disapproving research; correspondence between the IRB and investigators; and records of continuing review activities:

3 years after research concluded or otherwise terminated

Records relating to IRB actions and activities other than protocol-specific matters, including but not limited to minutes of IRB meetings and related attendance records and agendas; records of actions taken by the IRB that are not included in the minutes, including the number of members voting for or against or abstaining from such actions; lists of IRB members; and written procedures for the IRB:

3 years after research completed or otherwise terminated


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Last Updated 8/28/17