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Changes to the Common Rule

NEW: After the Final Rule goes into effect (January 21, 2019), continuing review will not be required under the federal guidelines for the certain types of research. However, the Brockport IRB will still require continuing review for all categories of research.

Current Guidelines for Continuing Review

Continuing Review beyond the initial approval period (up to 12 months): 

The IRB is required to re-evaluate research projects at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk, but not less than once a year. The approval letter from the IRB will indicate the approval and expiration or  review dates.

Approximately one month prior to the expiration or review date, the IRB office should send the investigator a courtesy reminder notice. However, it is the investigator’s responsibilities to complete the continuation form, attach the appropriate information, and return the package to the IRB. Please note that if for some reason you do not receive the reminder notice, it is your responsibility to contact the IRB office in advance of your project’s expiration date if you wish to continue your research.

NEW: Student projects now have a review date of 4 months. This means that the IRB will check in with any student PIs approximately 3 months after their study approval date. At that point, student PIs must submit a continuation form (Form K) or a continuation through the PACS system (as of September 2018) to keep working on their studies or a close-out form (Form L) that serves as a final report for the IRB.

Under The College at Brockport guidelines, a maximum of two consecutive continuations can be granted to faculty and staff research projects. After two continuations, the project must be resubmitted to the IRB as a new protocol for review and approval. Students projects may receive more than two continuations depending on the project's timeline.

Continuations for proposals in all categories of research (exempt, expedited and full board) should be requested using Form K (or via the PACS system as of September 2018).

If your project was originally reviewed via full board review, your continuation and/or modification request will not require full board review if they meet one of the following guidelines:

  • Continuing review of research previously approved by the convened IRB as follows:
    • where (i) the research is permanently closed to the enrollment of new subjects; (ii) all subjects have completed all research-related interventions; and (iii) the research remains active only for long-term follow-up of subjects; or
    • where no subjects have been enrolled and no additional risks have been identified; or
    • where the remaining research activities are limited to data analysis of identifiable data.
  • Continuing review of research where the convened IRB has determined and documented at a convened meeting that the research involves no greater than minimal risk and no additional risks have been identified

The Continuation/Modification Form (Form K) is available in the Forms section of the IRB website. PACS information is available here

Last Updated 9/6/18

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