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Beginning July 1, 2018, the PACS system will be the only way to submit IRB proposals. Proposals approved via e-mail before July 1, 2018 will continue to use Form K for continuations and modifications. All researchers and research advisers will need to create an account to access PACS.

SUNY PACS is a new online administrative tool designed to help researchers and administrators better manage grants. PACS integrates up to six aspects of grants management in a single system, including research agreements, financial conflict of interest, IRB and grants management.

The College at Brockport IRB office will provide training and support for investigators. We will post any training sessions on the main page of the IRB website.

The links below detail the log-in, submission and post-submission processes.

PACS works best in Google Chrome. For best results, open in a new browser window--not just a new tab. 

Please note the following:

  • Self-registration for a PACS account may take a day or more to go through, so plan accordingly.
  • With PACS, it is no longer necessary to combine the proposal form and all attachments into a single document. To use the online system, you will enter information into a series of online forms and upload documents as necessary. Each document—the protocol form, consent form, recruitment information, instrument(s), etc.—will be uploaded in a specific place. The PACS system is also linked to CITI, so CITI certifications should upload automatically.
  • The IRB office can still be reached by e-mail at, but all proposals will be submitted, reviewed and approved through the PACS system. It is best to direct questions about submitted proposals through the PACS system.

Written Instructions for PACS:

Self-Registering in PACS

Logging in to PACS

IRB Study Work Flow

Creating & Submitting a New Study

Submitting Continuation & Modification Requests (after approval)

Reportable New Information (RNI)

PACS how-to videos

Self-registering in PACS

Logging in to PACS

Creating & Submitting a New Study

Submitting an External IRB

Submitting Clarifications/Modifications (before approval)

Submiting Continuation & Modification Requests (after approval)

Basic PACS Troubleshooting:

Problem: Unable to log in.

Suggested fix: Make sure you are using a new window in Google Chrome.

Problem: Receive message that says "You do not have permission to see the requested page, or the page does not exist."

Suggested fix: Refresh page or return to PACS login page and retry. Sometimes this takes several tries.

Problem: Attempted to submit a proposal or a revision, but the status of the study has not changed in the PACS workflow chart.

Suggested fix: Go back and check that you have clicked "Submit."

Please contact RF SUNY customer service for more assistance.

More detailed information about the PACS system can be found in the IRB Study Submission Reference Guide

Last Updated 9/26/18

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