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If you are conducting human subjects research with another institution and have gone through that institution's IRB approval process, The College at Brockport IRB will usually agree that we may rely on the designated IRB for review and continuing oversight of that research.

Generally speaking, when an investigator engages in human subject research, IRB approval is required from that investigator’s institution, regardless of where the research takes place. However, if the investigator is collaborating with a colleague from another institution, either IRB may, in certain situations, cede review and approval to the collaborating institution. In this case, an Institutional Authorization Agreement (IAA) may be arranged to establish one IRB as the designated IRB of record.

To obtain a letter of Outside Determination and an IAA, the researcher must submit both the full approved proposal and the proposal approval letter from the other institution. These should be submitted as a single Word or PDF document. 

Once The College at Brockport IRB has reviewed the document, the office will provide a letter of Outside Determination and an IAA that both institutions should keep on file.

If needed, IAA forms are available on the Forms page of the IRB website. Our FWA number is 0001867.

Last Updated 5/7/18

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