Closing Out a Proposal

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Once all enrollment, interventions, and handling of subjects' private, identifiable information is complete, the human subjects research study has been completed and the investigator should close the study with the IRB. Please note that as of Fall 2017, student researchers must also close out their studies.

Once a study has been completed, investigators should continue to honor any confidentiality protections of the data. Investigators also should honor any other commitments that were agreed to as part of the approved research such as providing information about the study results to research subjects and/or honoring commitments for reimbursement to research subjects for participation.

For studies submitted prior to July 1, 2018:

If an investigator decides to terminate or close the study prior to completion (or before initiation), a Close-Out Form should be submitted. To close a study, the investigator needs to submit Form L (Close-Out Form)

For studies submitted after July 1, 2018:

To close a study, the investigator will respond to a continuation request by indicating that all enrollement, interventions and handling of subjects' private, identifiable is complete. The IRB office will then draft and send a study closure letter, as well as an e-mail notification, to inform the PI of the study closure.

If a PI needs to close out a study at any other time, please contact the IRB office directly or send a comment through the PACS system.


Last Updated 9/18/18

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