Role and Expectations of Faculty Research Advisors

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What is the Role/Expectation of the Faculty Advisor?

Faculty advisors may be chosen by the student investigator or assigned to the student. Their role as the advisor is to guide students through the IRB process by discussing general principles of research ethics with the class/student prior to the initiation of any project involving human subjects.

Faculty members who supervise student research are responsible for the protection of human subjects and are required to:

  1. Be familiar with the ethical and regulatory requirements of human subjects research.
  2. Determine whether projects require IRB review and assist students with the process. Faculty are encouraged to contact the IRB office to ensure they have made the correct determination. (If the project involves research in a non-US setting, then considerations of local regulations and customs must be understood and satisfied.)
  3. Discuss research ethics with the students.
  4. Advise students conducting international studies on understanding the local customs and ethics.
  5. Monitor student projects, paying special attention to maintaining confidentiality, privacy, level of risk, voluntary participation and withdrawal, and informed consent.
  6. Assure that any unexpected or adverse events are reported to the IRB.

Last Updated 10/6/17

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