Information Technology Vision

IT vision: "To provide anywhere, anytime access to applications, systems, and support needed by the College in pursuit of its mission.

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Strategies we are using to meet that vision are:

  • Develop an agile organizational to accommodate the changing IT environment. Develop and adapt IT resources as needed for future demands.
  • Work across organizations to implement solutions that benefit the entire College and are supportable with current staffing levels.
  • Continually work with clients to improve our support. Create more opportunities for College input into IT direction.
  • Standardize on technology platforms with scalable support that optimize resources.
  • Migrate to system wide applications, solutions, and support models where possible.
  • Look to reduce redundancy and duplication of effort. Combine efforts where necessary and use resources more efficiently.
  • Mobile should be "built-in." There should be a mobile component in all we do.

Overall as an organization, we must transition from a "Systems-based" organization to a "Services-based" organization.

Last Updated 9/22/22