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Why is Brockport transitioning to Blackboard?

Brockport is currently using ANGEL 8.0 as its LMS platform. Back in 2009, ANGEL was acquired by Blackboard and has continued to be maintained as an LMS option. While Blackboard has committed to support ANGEL past 2017, it has begun to reduce the amount of new development and features for ANGEL and has shifted that energy to the Blackboard Learn platform. As a result, ANGEL has begun to lag behind current technology trends especially in the area of mobile technology support.
For Brockport, transitioning to Blackboard will align our Learning Management System platform with the majority of SUNY institutions. This will allow us to utilize shared services provided by the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) and to realize potential long-term cost savings. We will also be gaining a significantly more capable LMS platform. We are excited about this step forward and working with faculty, staff, and students to ensure a smooth transition.

When will the transition take place?

The transition will be staggered over the 2014-2015 academic year. Pre-planning will begin in Spring 2014. The first courses will run in Blackboard in Fall 2014 and will include a limited number of early adopter courses to help ensure the new system is running properly. An expanded set of courses will run in Blackboard in Spring 2015 and will be solicited through a faculty opt-in process. Initial faculty training will occur during Summer 2014 and numerous training opportunities will be available throughout the 2014-2015 academic year. The full use of Blackboard will begin in Fall 2015 when the ANGEL LMS is decommissioned.

Why will the transition take over one academic year?

This time frame will allow a staggered, methodical transition to the new system. The goal is to provide flexibility to faculty in when they choose to move their courses and to allow time to provide an ample amount of training and support services. This is the time frame that is also recommended by the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) and is being used by numerous SUNY campuses.

Will it be possible to move my current ANGEL content to Blackboard?

Yes. SUNY campuses such as Buffalo State have had a high level of success with moving ANGEL course content to Blackboard. There will be differences in the functionality and layout of courses but content will be able to be moved and preserved. The exact course move process will be determined and announced in Summer 2014.

What types of training will be available for Blackboard?

The Learning Systems Team in collaboration with CELT will develop and provide a series of workshops for learning how to use Blackboard. Walk-in hours and Help Desk support will continue to be offered as they are today with ANGEL.

Where can I learn more about Blackboard?

Check out the Helpful Links & Resources Page for more information about Blackboard.

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Last Updated 5/26/21