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General Information

  • A Web-based reporting tool which connects to current and historical student information
  • Business intelligence capabilities including charts, dashboards, pivot tables and drill down ability
  • Scheduling abilities for regularly required reports
  • Easy to learn and use

Login Information

Please Note: Prior to being able to access the Hyperion system, users will need to contact the IT Service Desk at x5151 to request:

  • A Hyperion user name and password
  • The Hyperion browser plug-in for Internet Explorer if they intend to create or modify reports (as opposed to just running existing report/queries)
  • Training on the proper use of the Hyperion system



  • Login and Navigation Quick-Start Summary
  • Building Queries and Publishing Reports
  • Academic Affairs Gen Ed Report
  • PEU Professional Dispositions Report

Training Information

Please note: The following Training sessions are offered periodically. Contact Dan Murdoch X5155 for more information.

  • "What can you expect to do in Hyperion reports" - 2 hour Introductory session

    An alternative method to obtain reports/information from the Campus Information System (Banner). This web based reporting venue can allow on-campus departments to share standard reports within and between departments, and enable staff to schedule or run reports on-demand themselves. While only a few departments have reports currently available, come see examples of what kind of reports are possible with Hyperion and see if Hyperion might be the report delivery vehicle for your department in the future.

  • "Learning to write/edit your own Queries/Reports" - 2 day workshop

    This 2-day workshop is for those who want to learn how to edit/build their own queries. Prior experience with a reporting tool, or intimate knowledge of the Banner data is recommended. Both sessions must be attended as part of this class. Learn how to edit an existing Hyperion report for your department. Also explore how to publish reports for others to utilize, and schedule reports to run on any desired frequency. On the second day we will also demonstrate how to write a new query/report against the Campus Information System (Banner) from some base templates. Prior experience with a reporting tool. or intimate knowledge of the Banner data is recommended to be able to write your own queries.


Last Updated 10/14/22