Cisco Phone Upgrades Project


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To update PDF

Step 1. Go to and scroll down and click on “Last Updated”

Step 2. Enter Username and password and you will be brought to a page editing “/suppot/bits/telecom/index.pcf”

Step 3. Click on Pages, just left of “/suppot/bits/telecom/index.pcf”

Step 4. Once you see a list of other pages, you will see a folder named: “docs”. This is the folder that contains the pdf. You will need to click on “Productions” which is right next to “Staging” on the top right corner. This will allow you to see all of the files.

Step 5. Check if a file already exists under the name: phonelocationmatrixcurrent.pdf and then delete it as you cannot overwrite. Be warned! If you follow with this step, please finish step 6 and 7, do not leave until those are completed.

Step 6. Take the pdf that must use the same name (phonelocationmatrixcurrent.pdf) and drag and drop into the previously mentioned docs folder.

Step 7. Check webpage to see if pdf has been updated. Contact the web team at extension x2881 for further help.


Last Updated 10/14/22