Dialing Instructions

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On Campus Calls

To call any other campus telephone number (office or residence hall) or (Cisco or Nortel):

  • Dial the last four digits of the phone number.

Local Calls

For Students, Faculty, and Staff:

  • Dial 9 + Phone Number

Long-Distance Call Instructions (US and Canada)

For Students, Faculty, and Staff:

  • Dial 9 + 1 + (Area Code) + Phone Number

800-Number Call Instructions

For 800-Number Calls using the new Cisco phones:

  • Dial 9 + 1 + (800, 888, or 887) + Phone Number

International Call Instructions

For International numbers using the new Cisco Phones:

  • Dial 9 + 011 + (Country Code) + (Area Code) + Phone Number
    after a few seconds you will be prompted to enter your "Access Code" (Department Billing Number-DBN) by a flashing prompt on the phone screen.   If you do not know your DBN, ask your department secretary or open a ticket with the IT Help Desk x5151 to request.

If you get a fast busy signal when dialing 9+011 then your physical phone is restricted from making international calls.  You can either find a phone in your department that has international calling enabled (usually department chair or secretary) or you can open a ticket with the IT Help Desk x5151 to request international calling

Directory Call Instructions

There is a $0.89 charge for each call

For Directory Assistance using the new Cisco Phones:

  • Within the (585) area code: Dial 9 + 555-1212
    Outside the (585) area code: Dial 1 + (Area Code) + 555-1212

Collect and Third Party Call Instructions

Third-party and inward-dialed collect calls are blocked on campus. In the event that a call does come from an alternate carrier, residence hall students will be held liable for the cost of accepting collect or operator-assisted charges, in addition to a surcharge.


Last Updated 10/14/22