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SUNY Brockport considers the safety of students, faculty and staff to be of utmost importance.

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One way that increased safety is met is through the use of emergency telephones throughout the campus. These phones have been installed in both interior and exterior areas of the campus and provide a direct connection to University Police. Emergency Phones can be used to report crimes and emergencies, as well as to request escorts.

To report problems with an Emergency phone, please fill out a form through our IT Service Portal.

Emergency phone locations are shown on the interactive campus map under the Safety section.

Interior Phone Locations

phone box

Seymour Union - Basement corridor near Commuter TV lounge
Tuttle North Pool - On wall, deck level, all the way to the right
All Dorm Entrances

old phone
Drake Library - On inside wall between entrance and café
Tower Fine Arts - In loading dock area
Tuttle South - Ladies Lacrosse/Volleyball Locker Room
Tuttle North - Women's Locker Room

Exterior Phone Locations

Keep your eyes open when you are walking around campus!! There are 44 exterior phones available for use in an emergency. In addition, each dorm entry is equipped with an interior phone that can be used to call on campus by pressing the black button or to call University Police by pressing the red button.

yellow light

A.W. Brown Building Bridge - Bridge at peak
A.W. Brown Building - On outside wall to right of bridge level entrance
Chapman - On outside wall across from Volatile Storage Building
Drake - On outside wall near Brown bridge entrance
Hazen - On outside wall facing Holley Street
Morgan - On outside wall near Graduate Studies entrance
Tower - On outside wall at entrance across from Smith
Tuttle Bridge - On wall of bridge closest to Tuttle North entrance
Tuttle Bridge - On wall of bridge near Drake ramp
Tuttle South - On outside wall on back of building facing stadium

Kiosk Phone Locations

blue light

Allen - Between sidewalk and Lot W-1
Cooper - Near child care next to playground
Cooper – Near Alumni walk
Courtyard Mall - Next to BSG sign
Dobson/Benedict - On loop off Residence Drive
Drake - Corner of Lot W near library entrance
Harmon - On loop off Holley Street
Harrison – On side facing low rise residence halls
Hartwell – On Monroe Avenue side
Hartwell - On railroad/ parking lot side
Holley St. D1 Lot - On Tower Fine Arts end of lot
Holley St. D1 Lot - On end across from Hazen
Kenyon Street - In loop between Morgan & Rakov
Lot T (Tuttle) – On side nearest Tuttle North
Lot V - East Side
Lot V - West Side
Lot V - South Side nest to Tennis Courts
Lot V1 - East Side
Lot V1 - West Side
Lot X - In center of lot
Lot X Walkway - Between railroad tracks & electrical unit
MacVicar - On Residence Drive, near MacVicar Parking lot
MacVicar - In Courtyard between MacVicar and McFarlane
McFarlane - Near loading dock
SERC - Between sidewalk and front entrance
SERC - Between back entrance and Lot U
Seymour College Union - Between bookstore & Admissions
Smith/Lennon - In Lot H near Combustible Chemical Storage
Thompson - On Residence Drive
Thompson - In open area: McLean, Thompson & Brockway
Townhomes - New Campus Drive and building 3
Townhomes - Corner of Lot Y and building 6
Tuttle North - At corner of New Campus Drive & Lot T
Welcome Center - At corner of driveway & Commencement Drive

Wall Phone Locations

blue light

Perry - Back of Building Across From Lot A


Last Updated 12/23/22